This is an update to the FurNation website and what we are planning to do to bring it back online.

As you may know, two months ago we were hit with a massive DDOS attack (one which took FurNation offline and also caused considerable damage at the ISP we were hosted with).  Our ISP apparently did not have any form of anti-DDOS system in place, and after fixing all the issues our ISP refused to allow us to come back online for fear of future attacks.

At the same time all this was going on I suffered a major medical issue and as a result lost my primary job.  Three perfect trifectas that really messed up the end of this year for me.

At this time we have all the data safe and plan on grabbing another server farm from a company that REALLY has GREAT anti-DDOS protection and professional service.  I am in the process of getting all this set up now.

But we will need the communities help on this.  Due to my present situation I am VERY low on cash to run the system and pay the fees associated with the site.  We managed to raise a little over 500 dollars to create a mobile app for FN, and I still have that in the bank.  What we need now is some startup funds to get everything up and running.

I have re-initiated the donation system and I will post the link below.  FurNation has been online for 20 years, and we will continue to provide our services as long as we can.

Keep checking back here for updates as we make progress.



P.S.  To donate to our fund please click here: