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  • Chat Disabled

    Posted by Reyedog McGann January 8

    The Current chat is disabled and will soon be replaced.

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    Posted by Reyedog McGann January 1

    Updates are as follows.
    1.Current theme and banner changed.

    2.Pointer changed to match theme.

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    4.TOS/AUP Updated to specify what is allowed as avatars & to inform users to check their settings if an adult account is in use.

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The Scent Tree

  • Shielee Keye
    Shielee Keye Sets up a nacho bar for all * :) din din
    • a few seconds ago
  • Gabriel Dirtpaw
    Gabriel Dirtpaw Good evening crazy peoples. How goes the awesome sauce today?
    • a few seconds ago
  • Owen Iceheart
    Owen Iceheart Making beer bread.
    • 10 minutes ago
    • Owen Iceheart
      Sven I think it's tasty but the smell is offputting. O: Hope it goes well.
      • 10 minutes ago
    • Owen Iceheart
      Owen Iceheart Smells like saltines to me.
      • 9 minutes ago
    • Owen Iceheart
      Kamon Raze beer bread is very good
      • 2 minutes ago
  • Felix A. SilverClaw
    Felix A. SilverClaw Oh wow.... Just got back from a "transport call" We had to pick up a casket in the ambulance and take it to the church-then, of course carry it inside. Just felt a little weird knowing that I was carrying a dead body-My friend's grandmother-Who ...  more
    • 12 minutes ago
  • Matsu
    Matsu I want to play Final Fantasy XIII, but I also wanna play Final Fantasy X, but at the same time, I wanna play Dragon's Dogma. I'm definitely not the best when it comes to decision making
    • 19 minutes ago
    • Matsu
      Matsu I keep getting killed by Seymour in X and it's pissing me off lmao. Dragon's Dogma, I've cleared the game about 10 times, and that isn't an over exaggeration, since it keeps track. And FFXIII...I forgot where I was. So I guess I'll play that xD
      • 12 minutes ago
    • Matsu
      Sven @Ion Electric: Not really, FF is like "babby's first RPG". Good for people newer to the RPG environment, but pretty stale. ;P My mom is a big FFVII fan though.
      • 10 minutes ago
    • Matsu
      Highly Responsive To Prayers /v/-tier opinions up in here LMAO
      • 9 minutes ago
    • Matsu
      Sven I'm not a /v/irgin! I actually stick to /mu/ and /x/ but maybe my /v/irgin friends are influencing me. ;P It's also something I honestly feeling.
      • 2 minutes ago
    • Matsu
      Sven *feel, GODDAMNIT O:
      • 2 minutes ago
  • Ajay Lokis
    Ajay Lokis So I finally got the new pokemon game :3 I know, I know...it's been out for a while bit I was being a good adult and saving my money...Since I was doing such a good job saving money, I rewarded myself with one game. :D
    • 22 minutes ago
  • Sven
    Sven People should stop making a big deal of "coming out" as furries.  Treating something no one cares about as a life-changing or very serious thing only scares people, and probably makes them think you're unstable.  :^)  If you REALLY need to tell ...  more
    • 26 minutes ago
  • Crystal Skye
    Crystal Skye 'My super power is electricity XD I get zapped every time I touch metal or others, 100% of the time XD it's gotten so normal I don't even squeal anymore when I get zapped O.o
    • 28 minutes ago
    • Wolfy Akiria likes this.
    • Crystal Skye
      Ion Electric *rubbing my fur for slightly more effective poke - poke* ^^
      • 17 minutes ago
    • Crystal Skye
      Crystal Skye Crafty! Feel the power! *fur stands up on end* im a frizzy kitty now XD
      • 16 minutes ago
    • Crystal Skye
      Ion Electric Cute ^^
      • 15 minutes ago
    • Crystal Skye
      Crystal Skye Pshhh im like the polar opposite of cute! Im threatening mwahaha! *attempts a savage roar*
      • 13 minutes ago
    • Crystal Skye
      Ion Electric *calmly approaches you poking your nose --zap-- my fur stands up followed by some smoke* whaaaatt... *gives a weird look*
      • 2 minutes ago
  • Sml Deathcoon
    Sml Deathcoon I taught my 3 year old brother how to politely tell people to f*** off.
    • 35 minutes ago
    • Sml Deathcoon
      Mable Iio Noel why teach him politely? I thought mine that the who foundation of America has been founded on the principle of "fuck you" and that if anyone pisses them off they throw their middle fingers up and call them a cunt #1 sister of the year
      • 32 minutes ago
    • Sml Deathcoon
      Sven Ah, America.
      • 25 minutes ago
  • Felix A. SilverClaw
    Felix A. SilverClaw :D it's supposed to snow here a lot this week. *is a happy fox*
    • 37 minutes ago
  • Coza (TheRipper) FoxehhBoi
    Coza (TheRipper) FoxehhBoi people always say your either born straight or gay or whatever, but is it possible that the way you grow up could affect your sexuality?
    like, i grew up with no dad and was a complete mummys boy my whole life (still am) and my only "father figures&qu...  more
    • 42 minutes ago
    • Coza (TheRipper) FoxehhBoi
      Daniel Faux http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/10637532/Being-homosexual-is-only-partly-due-to-gay-gene-research-finds.html
      • 19 minutes ago
    • Coza (TheRipper) FoxehhBoi
      Coza (TheRipper) FoxehhBoi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVo_wkxH9dU i can never really believe things on the internet easily.. most of america was tricked by this video here years ago :P its what i think instead of going "its on the internet it must be true" until its like legit...  more
      • 19 minutes ago
    • Coza (TheRipper) FoxehhBoi
      Daniel Faux And if you actually read them all; the Xq28 gene is what affects it, I plan to be a biology professor someday and I want to do my best to know what their is to know about everything biology. So even if I do get proven wrong I learned something new.
      • 17 minutes ago
    • Coza (TheRipper) FoxehhBoi
      Sven Yeah, as it points out in the last URL alone, the recurring theme is that it's only partly responsible. As in, 40% according to the last article. It's kind of a hit and miss. I'll give you credit, but I don't personally find this research important.
      • 17 minutes ago
    • Coza (TheRipper) FoxehhBoi
      Sven Good sense, Coza. I hadn't thought of that myself. ;P I'm still not satisfied with this as an answer to homosexuality.
      • 16 minutes ago
  • Mable Iio  Noel
    Mable Iio Noel so many people canceling events and rumor has it we are already delayed for tomorrow
    • 46 minutes ago
  • Elmo
    ElmoOwen Iceheart: Here you go
    • 49 minutes ago
  • Rittin Ratfurr
    Rittin Ratfurr *makes grilled cheese sandwiches*
    • 50 minutes ago
  • Trunks Shane
    Trunks Shane I'm so sorry, everyone, I didn't mean to cause any drama
    • 52 minutes ago
  • Fox The Product
    Fox The Product mmmmmm` Look what i maaaade >:3 *sits the plate on the table* 
    • 56 minutes ago
  • Felix A. SilverClaw
    Felix A. SilverClaw Sundays are so boring....... :/
    • 56 minutes ago
  • Acheron MacDuggal
    Acheron MacDuggal Thanks, all.  I just came out as a furry... Like.. yesterday.
    • 57 minutes ago