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The Scent Tree

  • Mazie
    Mazie *wags my tail and sniffles* my baby.. one 2nd place in her costume contest! This was her first ever contest.... I couldnt be more proud! :')
    • a few seconds ago
  • Kara Rainbow
    Kara RainbowPhi Foxx: You sir seem to know what you're doing! How do I make new albums and actually put them up?? I made it, named it, described it, added one photo and can't do anything with it! Meep. >.< help.
    • 2 minutes ago
    • Kara Rainbow
      Phi Foxx I'm totally figuring it out as I go, myself. On a tiny iphone even >.<
      • 1 minute ago
  • Phi Foxx
    Phi Foxx added 1 photo(s) to the album The human side:
    • 7 minutes ago
  • Kara Rainbow
    Kara Rainbow How do I make a new photo album? >.< I found where I make it but I can't upload it.. 
    • 10 minutes ago
    • Kara Rainbow
      Phi Foxx I'm on my phone at work, I had to create an album to upload the photo, clicking up in the album name box then hitting "go" on the soft keyboard. Not sure what that's all about.
    • Kara Rainbow
      Kara Rainbow I just pposted to you. X.X Hahah you can ignore that.
      • 2 minutes ago
    • Kara Rainbow
      Ardon Sound It's easier to start by clicking 'add photo' from there you can make a new album. You can message me if you still have trouble.
      • a few seconds ago
  • Kumi
    Kumi here is my schedule for studying art you can edit you own by using photoshop to edit the PSD here: http://suzanne-helmigh.dev...  more
    • 11 minutes ago
  • Jackston Saphyr
    Jackston Saphyr I dont like the word "geek". I much prefer "badass nerd".
    • 16 minutes ago
  • Kara Rainbow
    Kara Rainbow That momention when you didn't attach a photo...
    • 20 minutes ago
  • Kara Rainbow
    Kara Rainbow Furcut. >.< it hasn't been this short.. well forever..
    • 20 minutes ago
  • Phi Foxx
    Phi Foxx added 1 photo(s) to the album Car Stuff:
    • 20 minutes ago
  • Jerry Rikson
    Jerry Rikson Nothing gets weirder than riding a train with people from a neo Nazi convention...o.o
    • 21 minutes ago
  • Melly Cheshire
    Melly Cheshire has just signed up. Say hello!
  • Saleen Löwe
    Saleen Löwe I just finished up a new "behind the wheel" icon for my FA account, only to realize I was half the size of the car seat. It was like a micro jacked my car. Man, I suck at proportions
    • 35 minutes ago
  • Solace Revelance
    Solace Revelance Anyone want to - chat - ? Through messages?
    • 37 minutes ago
  • Nex Fluffytailz
    Nex Fluffytailz when i die remember me for my love, for that is what i give to the world *gives heart to world*
    • 39 minutes ago
    • Nex Fluffytailz
      Karlos the Operator My legacy of being an asshole will be remembered with a piñata filled with hornets at my funeral
      • 28 minutes ago
  • Metro Firehog
    Metro FirehogMurphy Slaugh: Holy shit, your new icon is awesome!
    • 40 minutes ago
  • Murphy Slaugh
    Murphy SlaughSkittles Cris: Hello, Skittles Cris. Welcome to FurNation - To Be Furry Is To Love! *hugs the rainbow fox and wags my tail* Have some jelly babies. Come on in, pull up a sofa cushion (there's a space by the dragon with the blue eyes and the horns), put up your footpaws,...  more
    • 51 minutes ago
  • Kit DenMother
    Kit DenMother I am eating Gulash tonight yaaay! And then netflix with mom and little sis! :3 so far a good Saturday! ^w^
    • 52 minutes ago
  • Tieg
    Tieg "Where's your good for nothing brother?" my dad just asked my little brother...."good for nothing"....
    • 1 hour ago
    • Tieg
      osseous Oyster did you fire back a witty retort?
      • 1 hour ago
    • Tieg
      Melly Cheshire Should have told him you were just listening on on your good for nothing father.
      • 23 minutes ago
    • Tieg
      Tieg So I can get beaten and kicked out? So I have nowhere to to while it's starting to get windy and starting to rain?
      • 19 minutes ago