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    Posted by SYSTEM April 9

    Welcome to FurNation!  We are the oldest furry social site on the Internet!


    As a visitor you can cruise around a bit and see what we have to offer.  Not all menu functions will be available to you unless you are logged in.  You will not be able to respond or create comments unless you have an account.  Please consider joining our fun little group.  Oh, and we are a DRAMA FREE ZONE!

The Scent Tree

  • Shadow
    Shadow I have time to kill before I hang out with a friend and need more people to talk to, any volunteers?
    • a few seconds ago
    • Shadow
      Shadow I have PM on here, Skype, or Kik, pick your poison
      • a few seconds ago
  • Snowfall Feline
    Snowfall Feline its so hard to find local furry friends when everyone already has clicks. it doesn't help when your to shy to even try anyway! : c
    • 4 minutes ago
  • Driana Lé Souris
    Driana Lé Souris The stream is wrapping up here in about the next four/three hours. I won a piece of free art, Maybe ill link it up on here.. but.. its like, a bit mature. Mature as in she's in shirt and panties and bent over. Last thing I wanna hear is about how the webs...  more
    • 4 minutes ago
  • Shark
    Shark After not having any clean dishes for almost a month [because I am both gross AND super busy], I finally went and cleaned my kitchen.
    It's.... it's so weird holding actual silverware again after so long..
    • 7 minutes ago
  • Chase Caligula
    Chase Caligula My life is always so busy, no wonder I have no need for a mate. <3 <3 <3
    • 7 minutes ago
  • Dark fuzzy
    Dark fuzzy well looks like im not no one wants art....drawing
    • 9 minutes ago
  • Blue Silver
    Blue Silver How's everyone's day been?
    • 10 minutes ago
  • Kaci Victus
    Kaci Victus If anyone wants to play halo 4 with me on 360, my gamertag is rhinyagami
    • 19 minutes ago
  • Not Karlos
    Not KarlosDealing with the public: I sell coffee, that instant coffee crap, and we have little cups full of sugar and nondairy cream powder. Some assholes spoon in their sugar/cream mix it then spoon more in. Don't do that. It leaves little suggar coffee clumps in the sugar. Some shitheads...  more
    • 25 minutes ago
    • Not Karlos
      Not Karlos Don't be spreading your mouth herpes people
      • 22 minutes ago
  • Bloody Parfait
    Bloody Parfait *grins widely as she searches the Area for things to hunt* Something or Someone around here is gona feel the butthurt when my halibut finds its way into their living flesh....who wants to be a zombie?
    • 27 minutes ago
  • Shielee Keye
    Shielee Keye Today's cute pic of the day~
    • 29 minutes ago
  • Rayna
    Rayna I'm seeing a couple of posts about some Furs going off to Prom and then my cousins offline are heading out to Prom themselves. I remember my Prom. It was fun, but definitely not what I was expecting. My mate, myself, and our friends just hung out in the l...  more
    • 32 minutes ago
    • Rayna
      Onyx Zephyrus Awesome. I didn't go to my prom this year. And I didn't want to either XD
      • 30 minutes ago
    • Rayna
      Rayna I'm not the party-going type, but I figured I should attend my Senior Prom. Hey, I got a really pretty dress out of it. That was a plus. Lmao
      • 29 minutes ago
    • Rayna
      Katrina Fluffypaw I never went to prom. Or had my senior/junior years of high school.
      I will never know what it's like.
      • 26 minutes ago
    • Rayna
      Beowulf Ikufout Prom? what is this Prom?
      • 11 minutes ago
  • Pandora Moon
    Pandora Moon i found a fursuit head for me! yay! its green but i dont mind changing my fursona colors 
    • 34 minutes ago
  • Beowulf Ikufout
    Beowulf IkufoutFafnear Haventhrone: a cow?
    • 36 minutes ago
  • Nokturn Shrykov
    Nokturn ShrykovRook River: Ah that sucks
    • 46 minutes ago
  • Rook River
    Rook River Gunna play GTA V on ps4...any fur wanna join? Preferably with a Mic...
    • 52 minutes ago
  • Rook River
    Rook River We now return to your regularly scheduled depression...*sighs* even with my own money...mom wouldn't let me get it...
    • 59 minutes ago
  • Sora Casus
    Sora Casus I'm bored any fur wanna rp? lol me at SoraCasus
    • 1 hour ago
  • Colette Peardise
    Colette Peardise Is it bad I really enjoyed a back rub from a gentleman at work? O.O I'm not single.. But it was nice
    • 1 hour ago
    • Colette Peardise
      Fafnear Haventhrone Why does being single effect the enjoyment of a back rub?
      • 1 hour ago
    • Colette Peardise
      Not Karlos I need a back rub. If i were any more tense I'd be a rock
      • 1 hour ago
    • Colette Peardise
      Colette Peardise Human interaction including physical touch is necessary but to me, it's a foreign thing... My aura is always a bubble of 'don't touch me.' I wish it weren't. My bf is the only one who should touch me.. Which is why it felt wrong to enjoy a back rub from ...  more
      • 1 hour ago
    • Colette Peardise
      Fafnear Haventhrone "should". I say fuck it, if it feels good, enjoy it. I don't care who give me a backrub, just so long as I get one.
      • 1 hour ago
    • Colette Peardise
      Colette Peardise I wish there were more people like that. We need more love and care in our world. Our world is filled with distance.. But he kind of made my day because he wasn't afraid to break that invisible barrier that everyone always uses during interaction with me...  more
      • 1 hour ago
  • Maxwell волк
    Maxwell волк Getin' ready for my first (and probably last) prom.
    • 1 hour ago