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The Scent Tree

  • Peppermint
    Peppermint Well I'm going to bed! Goodnight!
    • 1 minute ago
  • panda
    panda FREE PANDA HUGS!!!!!!
    • 1 minute ago
  • Light Redwood
    Light Redwood ok someone is hanking my mates fur thats not him
    • 5 minutes ago
  • Light Redwood
    Light RedwoodDusk Redwood: get off my loves fur you hacker
    • 7 minutes ago
  • Jessica Theory
    Jessica Theory like my status if you've ever played with a hair clip for a half hour or more
    • 13 minutes ago
  • panda
    panda Good morning everyfur
    • 15 minutes ago
  • Rainbow  Baby
    Rainbow Baby why am i being pushed to watch anime ._. if i dun like it i dun like it ... get over it dun try to force me to like it.. just makes me not like it more..
    • 19 minutes ago
  • Orange
    Orange Night furs. It was hell of a night today
    • 25 minutes ago
  • Orange
    Orange Here's a list of 25 things for you guys writers should start doing, especially those who are struggling to get back on track of doing what you love (like me): writing :)
    • 27 minutes ago
  • Fenny Fennington
    Fenny Fennington I recommend all of you guys read this, dont usually like creepypastas, but this one is really short and make me shiver once I got to the end. A really great short story.
    • 29 minutes ago
    • Fenny Fennington
      Fenny Fennington http://www.creepypastaindex.com/creepypasta/white-with-red
      • 26 minutes ago
  • Lien Xenas
    Lien Xenas Now's the time to lay my head
    Off I go to find my bed
    And when rising dawn shall break
    That is when I shall awake ...  more
    • 33 minutes ago
  • Loki The Wanderer
    Loki The Wanderer -curls up in a ball- Night....
    • 34 minutes ago
  • Orabelle Bovine
    Orabelle Bovine *lays around in the grass, the cool air touching her bare fur*
    • 45 minutes ago
    • Orabelle Bovine
      Htedomsa *poofs into existence and hugs Orabelle* Yay it's Orabelle meow!
      • 43 minutes ago
    • Orabelle Bovine
      Orabelle Bovine *pats the spot next to her* join me, friend.
      • 32 minutes ago
    • Orabelle Bovine
      Htedomsa ok here goes! *releases floating spell and falls to the ground beside you* Ow! You know people say the undead don't hurt but after floating for a few hundred years the ground is hard lol
      • 21 minutes ago
    • Orabelle Bovine
      Orabelle Bovine i'm sorry dear, i wouldnt know! *snuggles close*
      • 6 minutes ago
  • Dusk Redwood
    Dusk Redwood anyfur wanna call on skype
    • 46 minutes ago
  • Peppermint
    Peppermint New profile pic took me a few hours. Who likes it? It's my winter coat ^^
    • 47 minutes ago
  • Loki The Wanderer
    Loki The Wanderer I'm pretty sure Cry;s voice is the main reason I'm bi
    • 47 minutes ago
  • Theron Salard
    Theron Salard Time for me to go to sleep
    • 48 minutes ago
  • Aurora Shade
    Aurora Shade Ok so my kitten is doing something weird today she jumped on my chest which is not that weird but she started suckling om my shirt
    • 51 minutes ago