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As you may already know, FurNation has been offline since a DDOS hit it and took the server offline a few months ago. No data was stolen or lost, as it was a simple denial of service attack. Due to our ISP not having ANY form of DDOS protection they refused to allow us to bring the servers back online due to the fear of another attack.

Since that time there has been a series of unfortunate events in my life that has caused me great stress and hardship. First, my father got very ill (he is now 78 years old) and I had to take time from work to deal with his situation. A few weeks later I fell ill and almost lost my life due to an un-diagnosed heart condition that caused me to accumulate fluid in my chest until my lungs collapsed. Fortunately I was at the emergency room when this happened and they were able to get my lungs to expand before I stopped breathing for good. The entire hospital stay and fix to keep me alive came to over 58,000 dollars.

Because of all the above in lost time at work and home, I lost my job. First time in my life I was ever fired. Hurts like hell, but life goes on.

We are raising funds to bring back the FurNation server and hosted website system. The base amount needed for hosting is $350 a month. Our total goal for 1 year of hosting is $5000 (this includes an overhead of $800 for any additions/taxes or other costs we may need over the year. Anything left over will carry into the following year).

Our goal is to sustain the website with user donations (at cost, no profit) and to continue the service into the future.

The new server spec is as follows: Intel Xeon E5 - 2 x E5-2650v3 20/40t - 2,3 / 3,0 GHz 256 GB of RAM - DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz 2 x2TB + 2 x300GB of SSD SOFT

The server hosting company we have choosen (name not disclosed for anti-DDOS reasons) has a proven record of dealing with high-bandwidth attacks. They promise 24/7 support for mitigating any type of server attack and quick backup/restore in emergency cases.

When we reach the first $350 we can proceed to order the server and bring the site back online. We have the complete backup from the day the site went down. It will be as if we never left.


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