• My name is Frostfang Swuinkus The white Tigress

    Posted Wed at 10:31 PM by Frostfang Swuinkus

    Hello fellow furries! My name is frostfang and welcome to my blog. So im gonna share a few things about myself and i was really shy about it, but now i feel very comfortable. Frosty and im a chubby tigress, not fat, chubby. I love bikeriding, swimmin, going outdoors especially camping <3 ...

  • What's led me here

    Posted Tue at 9:28 PM by Arkane Whitelight

    Ok, I'm gonna start off to say that in me writing this is in no way to elicit sympathy, or any of that bull. It's just I feel due to certain events that telling my "story" as you may call it to at least some people was a good choice. That being said, lets begin.     Chapter one: I was ...

  • Venting about life Trigger Warning

    Posted Tue at 7:40 PM by Pega Gamer

    (Edit: Trigger Warning talking about life and Adult Pre-Op Transgender struggles. Might be upsetting for others .) I see a lot of things talking about Pre-Op Transgender youth. Yeah its awesome, they're talking about it. But what about the pre-op adult transgenders? I'm pre-op and pre hormone. I ...

  • SCP Case Number 1848

    Posted July 23 by Lil' Joey(Super Saiyan)

    Ok, so I came up with another SCP idea. Please tell me what you all think and enjoy. (Also, the blog thing needs spell check) Want me to write more? TELL ME!     SCP 1848, Object Class Safe SCP 1848 is a smart phone charger 1.06 meters in length. It doen't very in material to a normal ...

  • Gaming

    Posted July 21 by EvO ThE FoX

    Interviewer:"Quite clearly,the online interactions in today's video games today are quite volatile at best. Outright racism, harassment,sexual and otherwise,absolutely foul language to name just a few major issues. Not only are there the children that are exposed to this but also the ones who expe...

  • My soul feels empty

    Posted July 18 by Kenzi

    "I can't go on living this way But I can't go back the way I came Chained to this fear that I will never find A way to heal my soul And I will wander 'til the end of time Half alive without you" - Amy Lee

  • Throw it to the Dogs: Part Ten

    Posted July 17 by Tragedy Andy

    Throw it to the Dogs Part Ten: Curb Your Dog Jerry walked up the steps of the old Catholic church. As he struggled to pull the enormous door open, he started feeling anxious: What if the priest wouldn't forgive him? What if God wouldn't forgive him? What if he wouldn't forgive himself? The old Dal...

  • Need main characters for a story

    Posted July 17 by Alex Tragedy

    I need two main characters (Male and female) for a story I'm writing. Here are the rules: If you have a name like "I love tacos" please think of an actual first and last name to use in the story. If you want to be a character then you have to be willing to be partnered with the other in the story. N...

  • Identity

    Posted July 16 by Kurtis

    I've been wanting to get this off my chest for a long, long time. I won't lie. My life is pretty smooth-sailing: My family is well-to-do, I've got wonderful friends inside and outside of school and I'm doing great academically. I'm doing surprisingly well in the military and I stand a chance in eac...

  • Uhmm... bored writing

    Posted July 15 by Tibe19k

    And so I am awake like always. And there isn't much exactly anything to do. Like always.   Sometimes I feel like I've lived forever and now I'm just stuck in a limbo state of boredom until something else awesome happens with the world. I started working in factories when I first got out of h...

  • Need Help On my Story

    Posted July 11 by Kenzi

    I am currently working on a Star Trek story involving furries. I have several chapters uploaded to sofurry and a journal full of my writings and rough drafts of the next chapters. But as i revise, and add new pages in where pages need to go...I find my self running into a dead end. I am getting writ...

  • Praweria

    Posted July 7 by Tragedy Andy

    NOTE: This was written last summer. I found it hiding on my hard drive, so I decided to upload it. It's a run-of-the-mill alien story, but it is significantly different from other sci-fi that I've written. I usually write about robots and mad scientists. This is one of the only stories I've written ...

  • Conversations

    Posted July 7 by Star Blood

    I'm not going to call your Mr. Har, too !$%* corny. Har: *chuckles* I don't know how you're ever going to contain me. *wonders how I'm going to keep up with him and type and the same time. Glances at phone --- "Haha it's alright" on the screen.* Har: Awww *winces with a wrinkled nose and squinte...

  • Throw it to the Dogs: Part Nine

    Posted July 7 by Tragedy Andy

    Throw it to the Dogs Part Nine: The Cat's in the Closet "August?" "Mhm." Dan walked into his bedroom and knelt down next to the sleeping cat who was sprawled out on his bed. "August? Wake up." She gently nudged him. "I'm trying to sleep." "Well, you accomplished that. Now try to wake up. It's five...

  • Fading Youth

    Posted July 6 by Elmo

    The time has arrived For the truth to be spoken A truth no one wants to hear. The time has arrived You have been chosen So listen up The truth is near Us as the youth We are the victims Our innocence dies as we grow. We started out sweet Like the candy we consumed This is what we k...

  • ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)

    Posted July 6 by Kenzi

    So I put this as a blog, I am looking for anyone that plays Eso on the pc, to play with.

  • "Shame"

    Posted July 6 by Aleu De La Fourrure

    Over your shoulder/ And out of your mind/ Thoughts transfixed on/ Our fingers entwined/ There's fire in your lungs/ A spark I never saw/ Your faith I thought I'd won/ But your heart won't thaw/ Love everlasting/ Too long, too far/ Persists through ticks/ Encased in hearts/ The storm that...

  • Seeing Things

    Posted July 2 by Tragedy Andy

    Seeing Things I have a cosmic sense So they say, but They don't really know. It's nothing special, It's nothing big It just lets me See things that aren't there. I can look at you And see ten million colors When really, you're Living in black and white. Sometimes when I look At the people I most a...

  • Stellar Fury: Prologue (original story by S. H.)

    Posted July 1 by Sturm Hister

    We don't where they came from, but we do know they have an interest in our world, and that they've been on the run, and that they are most definitely alien. They arrived on Earth almost 70 years ago, on the day my mother was born. At first, we didn't know what to think, a millennium of world wars...

  • SCP Case Number 2829

    Posted June 30 by Lil' Joey(Super Saiyan)

    Ok, so, since the stupid SCP wiki is being dumb, I'm gonna post my own SCP on here. If you don't know, the SCP Foundation finds, and contains paranormal objects/ beings. They are three classes, safe, well understood objects that may or may not harm anyone, euclid, hard to contain and can be dangerou...