• Jerks

    Posted 2 hours ago by Kenzi

    So I used to be on furry pile, a furry website. But because I was not always positive disney like, not that I like bullied orf anything. In fact i never did. I was still banned because I made things unpleasent and heres what a mod said to me in skype   "Written by myself, but the other staff,...

  • Throw it to the Dogs: Part Eight

    Posted 10 hours ago by Tragedy Anne

    Throw it to the Dogs Part Eight: The Rabbit Habit Sterling stared at Jerry, struggling to comprehend his painful story. As tears began to stream down the old Dalmatian's face, Sterling felt that the best thing to do was express brotherly love to the man he spent over thirty years trying to arrest f...

  • Who are we really?

    Posted June 24 by Malkavian Homovore

    We are defined by many things. Everyone has many sides, many different personalities, whether they have dissociative personality disorder or are completely "sane." My theory is that people are defined by how wisely they choose which mask to wear, when they wear it, and how they choose to adorn their...

  • Morning.

    Posted June 23 by Roanth Rufry Alfer

    Morning. And the sun limps through my window, wearily taps me on the shoulder and sighs, nudging trees in its state of emotional hangover. The sky stays grey, whitewashed, and out of the window the world seems as if it has stopped, frozen, worried in the eye of the storm. I bounce up, numb to the da...

  • Commissions

    Posted June 20 by Wolf Tang

    Ahoy there Wolf here, I am currently doing small commissions at a reasonable price. Please feel free to message me here, on twitter or on facebook about them. Prices are different on my Facebook page so please use the gallery prices on HERE when selecting.    Thank you  

  • Words for now.

    Posted June 20 by Lucifur the Fallen

    Everything takes it's toll but this toll is just too great I look back at the past and just realise my mistakes But too late People are lying, crying and dying I can't even use words too express my defiance  God made me as a child but it was time to toss him for a while  These words ...

  • The Attic Part I: The Dream

    Posted June 18 by Maxwell волк

    The Attic Part I: The Dream by Rob Layne It was 1 a.m. A sixteen year old boy sat awake in his bed. He couldn’t sleep, no sir not tonight. His mind wandered with fear, and the storm outside certainly wasn’t helping. Although, the storm did provide a slight comfort. Almost any, natural...

  • Throw it to the Dogs: Part Seven

    Posted June 17 by Tragedy Anne

    Throw it to the Dogs Part Seven: Muddy Paws Jerry was awakened the next morning by what sounded like a group of muttering voices. Confused, he sat up in his bed and put his glasses on. His doorbell ringed three times in a row. "I'm coming!" he shouted as he dragged himself down the stairs. As he lo...

  • Mike

    Posted June 17 by Blu Jae

    All salute to Mike! He is a honey badger that is currently helping the military in a terrorist fight. Mike's parents are very proud of him, but he's not alone in this battle. His sqaud consists of a group he knows: his brother, his cousin, and three of his friends. Mike is the perfect character to u...

  • Throw it to the Dogs: Part Six

    Posted June 16 by Tragedy Anne

    Throw it to the Dogs Part Six: New Tricks Dan arrived on Jerry's doorstep wearing a short, hot pink dress that made her look even younger. She wore a pink bow in her hair-fur and carried a small, black purse. She reached her finger out to ring the doorbell, but just as her fingernail graced the top...

  • Percy

    Posted June 15 by Blu Jae

    This is Percy, he is a Raven. (Because why not?) Percy is an engineer and has bee his whole life. Inspired by his father, he wanted to travel across the world and do great things. His mother did not approve, she was high in command on the northern front and wanted him to become a soldier. One night,...

  • (First character!) Grace

    Posted June 15 by Blu Jae

    Say hello to Grace, she is a white bunny with blue eyes that is most commonly described as an angel. She's quiet and keeps to herself but isn't afraid to stand up for others. Her parents are unknown because she was found in a cardboard box near a dumpster, a garbage worker raised her until he found ...

  • Character creations

    Posted June 14 by Blu Jae

    I don't know what exactly I'm doing except for the fact I just make a bunch of random fursonas and their back stories. If you do not like the way I write them then please move on. Thanks!

  • Fursona Meme

    Posted June 12 by Dash Coyote

    1. What's your fursonas name Dash. Full name Dashielle Lexington-Gearpaw2. How old is your fursona223. What is your fursonaA coyote4. How long have you had your fursonaGoing on two years now5. Was your fursona inspired by somethingAn old friend of mine encouraged me to ...

  • Summer and why I'm not around

    Posted June 9 by zielvos

    To start, its summer and me not being online will continue. I keep up with the payments on my SL Skybox because I do pop in from time to time to check on a few friends. (even if they are on skype and everyting else) but also working on a few projects and getting ready for a job interview but kind of...

  • Found 7

    Posted June 8 by Katherine Markov

    Chapter 7   Isaac caught her as she all but fell over the threshold, and clearly way in over his head, called down his parents. It wasn’t particularly late, despite the fact that night had fallen fast, but it was clear that the family had just been getting ready to settle down for the n...

  • The things I would say to my love (if I had one)

    Posted June 5 by San Lee

    Let me start by saying this. Its something you already heard. But you gotta find the heart in my words. There's a deeper meaning that you missed. Do you remember how we felt when we kissed I don't take your love lightly.  I give you all of me.  No other man gonna love you like I do....

  • What "Being me" means.

    Posted June 5 by Taramafor

    Difference. Languages. What if I said "I don't believe in math". Ok, yes, it's a formula that's been invented in order to explain how we see things in our perception, and therefor is a language much like English but only among those that share it. It is a shared "belief". Which is why I view math mu...

  • Found 6

    Posted June 4 by Katherine Markov

    Chapter 6   When the pain had faded to a dull pounding, she took in as deep a breath as she could and, bracing her shoulders against the bathroom floor, tried to roll her mother over off of her. With a grunt as pressure started to rise in her head, she hauled her over and the heavy woman flop...

  • The Fake Poem

    Posted June 3 by Aleu De La Fourrure

    Why Daydream, when us realists play?/ Reality speaks; the dreams, they stay./ Redefined edges, sewn at the seams/ Appear nonexistent, just wait and see./ Forward stand the golden walls./ Blow a kiss;Like leaves they fall./ The void between is undefined./ The way you see when k...