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  • Wed at 2:38 PM - posted by Halo
    • Location US [map]
    If you want a doll of your fursona, message me!
  • May 20 - posted by elfwulf sigeward
    I have write the first two chapters of a story I wish to be made into a comic book so far it is SFW but plan to have some scenes NSFW and I am looking for an artist willing to do a free commission for me of the comic if interested please pm me and I thank you for taking the time to read this
  • May 16 - posted by Elmo
    I am taking commissions for sfw art. Pretty cheap as well. Just shoot me a PM of what you would like and I'll let you know how much it'll cost ^-^
  • May 16 - posted by Calib FurryTour
    Looking for Furnation Magazine #8, 9 and 10 Please message me if you know how I can get :3 Thank you! -Calib    
  • May 11 - posted by Beta Spirit
    • Price $12.46
    • Location United Kingdom [map]
    selling paw print t-shirts £7.99 (may vary for shirt size/ colour) paw print colour comes in black and rainbow, price will increase for overseas shipping
  • May 10 - posted by Brianna Naker
    I am a writer willing to write a story for your comic or animation! I write for free because I love making new stories. Questions? PM me!
  • May 1 - posted by Kelvin
    I'm doing a YCH auction with 5 slots, one for the predator, which will be a feral otter, and four prey, wich can be anthro or feral, any species, choose your own pose. Copyrighted species will not be accepted unless you can get the IP holder to send me a note of permission to use their species. htt...
  • April 30 - posted by Raven Grey
    Okay so I have decided to start doing commissions......I haven't fully figured out rates or anything yet but, I'll be posting about that in the next couple of days. If you would like a commission, please leave a comment or email me at Thank you all for your time! XD  &n...
  • April 25 - posted by Elmo
    I do digital and traditional drawing and sketches. If you are looking for some art, just ask! I do ferals, anthros, furrys, and ref sheets. MESSAGE ME. That is the only way i will accept requests.
  • April 14 - posted by Allana De-Luca
    Will do sfw and nsfw, feral, antrho,taur.real/simi real only I dont do cartoony. Male/female/herm, vore but no scat. Cute/dark/romantic/funny. USD and paypal only   (profile, or personal use) 1 character $10 , 2 characters $15 , 3 character or more $20  Icons are 5x5in and $5&n...