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Classified Listings

  • August 22 - posted by Shadra
    • Price $8.00
    PRICES AND EXAMPLES BELOW! Buy ONE GET ONE $5 off (orders $10 and up only) Full body badge $25 Shoulders- Up $15 Torso-Up $20 Bitty Headshot $8+ $5 complex background fee (if you want anything other than solid colors)+ 50% of base cost for a second character
  • August 21 - posted by Remleiz Skyshadow
    Hi guys I need someone to make some thumbnail art for my Youtube Channel, These obviously need to be the following: Have a resolution of 1280x720 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels). Are uploaded in image formats such as .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG.   Remain under the 2 MB limit. &nb...
  • August 20 - posted by Mara Wesley
    I'm starting commissions for $1. Lineart is $1, and if you want it colored it'll be $2. If you're interested then please send me a reference of your oc!
  • August 20 - posted by Hogosha
    • Location Usa [map]
    Ok, so today is my birthday and well i would like to get my fursona drawn to be well like a look at what it would be as a fursuit. Please do this for me. Thank you
  • August 19 - posted by Kumi
    Hello, I'm open for commission, if you would like a piece done for you email me with the subject "Commission". When you send an email make sure you put the description of what you want to make the process faster. It may take a few weeks to finish full color pieces so please be patient. If you w...
  • August 11 - posted by Werewolfchibichan
    • Location Richmond, VA and surrounding areas [map]
    Hello everyone, I was hoping to set up a meeting for other furries near the Richmond, VA area. I have looked on Meetup but haven't found any groups near the RVA area. If you are a RVA Furry and want to meet up please Private Message me. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing/speaking to you...
  • August 9 - posted by Nex (Rin) Fluffytailz
    • Price $5.00
    there are 5 slots for icons. *if you want a moving one need a ref * for still ref is not required. * tell me what theme you want for your icon slots: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. payment through paypal or steam
  • August 1 - posted by Maxwell волк
    I'm Starting up a youtube channel and i could really use some art for it. If you're a bored artist who doesn't want to be paid that is perfect because i have no money. I'm not wanting anthro though, so heads up on that. It needs to be 2048x1152 pixels. I know I'm asking for something very specific f...
  • July 7 - posted by Woolsley Schaf
    • Location Britian [map]
    Do you want me to write you you're very own story? Well, look no further! For the price of NOTHING, I am writing people stories that they commision to me. But before I just leave, I better go over the do's and dont's... I WILL write: Gore, NSFW, Horror, Creepy stuff, Non-con, Backstories, Proper di...
  • June 18 - posted by Elmo
    I am taking commissions for sfw art. Pretty cheap as well. Just shoot me a PM of what you would like and I'll let you know how much it'll cost ^-^