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  • Wed at 10:33 PM - posted by Goddess Syuri
    • Price $268.00
    • Location atl [map]
    hii! i'm looking for someone to share a room with at fwa(my first con) i was planning to check in THU AND LEAVE SUNDAY i prefer a female whos bi/lez(just what a perfer) someone who's willling to split the cost just me&you not so big with having multi ppl in a room i'll be sleeping in.If i'm sharing ...
  • Tue at 9:06 AM - posted by koma Starr
    • Location south florida [map]
    LOOKING FOR FLORIDA FURS ^~^ so we can all have a get together every few months. And just chill being our furry selfs ^\\\\^
  • November 16 - posted by Venya Aven
    • Location Where my computer iis [map]
    so I want to make a game but story wise or anything like that is really difficult. so I'm asking the furries for help. So! here is how it works. because its free its not going to be a full game or anything like that. its more or less going to be a intro of either a game you want to create or a ...
  • November 12 - posted by Ryan Okami-kun
    • Price $45.00
    • Location Pembroke Pines, FL [map]
    I am a freelance graphic designer at Full Sail Universirty and would like to make art for you the price is 45$ a peice you choose to have anything else i make you dont want it will not be charged my paypal is here is the link to my porfolio page
  • November 8 - posted by Kumi
    All prices are in the picture I hope everyone enjoys my art :) Message me on Furnation or email me here :    
  • November 7 - posted by lord justinian
    im looking for someone out there who needs a room mate in the area of between OwenSound southampton or portelgin. i can do paisly as well-joint living is better than living in your parents home were you're forced to 'pick sides' between your parents and your brothers and who knows might even be able...
  • November 5 - posted by ShayLo Wolfy
    • Location FurNation [map]
    $5/hour for any subject going up to 10th grade. Spanish is not one of the stonger one.
  • November 5 - posted by Ricin
    Well hello there!  I'm looking for people to commission stories from me.  I'm not quite sure on my rates as of yet, but the base will be either $8.50/hour work on the story or a flat rate of $10+ for the entire thing, depending on length and word count.  I'm a fairly good writer, as I...
  • November 4 - posted by Tysinni Voladea
    • Price $2.00
    Hey guys, looking to do some work for people, so here's the breakdown.     50x 50 Pixels - $0.50 (Blinking/floating objects animations no charge) 150 x150/200 x 200 Icons - $1­ (Blinking/floating objects animations no charge) Full Body ­Flat Color­ - $2 Full Bod...
  • November 3 - posted by Lelah Vix
    Hai Everyfur! I'm looking to start some cheap commissions. I work at an hourly rate of $8.15 per hour(minimum wage for my location), so your price depends on how long it takes to complete. Here are my price estimates, assuming you only want one character drawn. Line-art: 30 minutes-1 hour. Ba...