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Classified Listings

  • February 24 - posted by Shade Lotas
    • Price $2.00
    if you want a cheap icon i can make you one 2$ - 5$ usd i can only make five at a time 
  • February 22 - posted by Danicus Fionnlagh
    • Price $5.00
    • Location Online [map]
    Weekday Special- All art is free until this Friday, so come get one or two! Cheap badge and headshot commisions. All commisions will be hand drawn or digital. Choose a multi or solid color backround and text style. Time will vary on complexity and my school schedule. Paypal only. PM me the deta...
  • February 19 - posted by Khoshekh
    Just contact me if you wish to have your sona drawn. I don't do backgrounds because I'm not experienced enough to do it. They truly are free
  • February 17 - posted by Zin Stone
    • Price $50.00
      Opening 3 slots for drink badges!Just fill this out and message me:Name:Drink:Character ref:Paypal email:I will then invoice you and once paid begin your badge.   Thanks for reading! -Zin
  • February 16 - posted by Payne Tigerclaw
    I am new to really exploring my fursona, tho I am a kitten. I am hoping to make some real friends who can help me understand and learn in more depth what this could be for me. If you'd like to know more about me/be my furiend, you can message me on here and I have a kik as well.
  • February 16 - posted by Solar Eclipse
    Hi. I really need a ref pic but i dont have any extra cash to pay for one and i cant draw to save my life. >.< If anyone could help me i would love you forever!! Im not picky when it comes to someone helping ^^ 
  • January 16 - posted by Kumi
    Hello, I am doing detailed portrait paintings here is an example piece:     Price : 25$ If you want to commission me send an email with the subject "Portrait Commission". Paypal Only Email: [email protected] Have a nice day.
  • January 15 - posted by Ajay Lokis
    • Price $10.00
    • Location Online [map]
    I am oping comissions for ref sheets. Each sheet will be $10 USD and will be customized. Just about anything about it can be changed. It also includes a background and three outfits. Paypal only. I can do them in about one to two hours and if you want, I can stream so you can watch.
  • January 1 - posted by Ajay Lokis
    • Location Online [map]
    I have gotten better at furry fuzzy chibis and have opened comissions on them. I draw them in an hour and can stream it so you can watch and request changes. Names can be added for no extra charge. I work off of a description or ref. Headshot-$3 USD This is a rough sketch and finished product will...
  • January 1 - posted by Ajay Lokis
    • Location Online [map]
    I've opened commisions on poetry. I can write a poem on any subject and typically quickly. They are great on cards, as romantic guestures, anything. Basic Poem­- One stan­za, five l­ines- $2 U­SDNormal Poe­m- Two sta­nzas, five­ lines eac­h-$3 USDExtended P­oem- ...