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  • 1 hour ago - posted by Marshall TwitchyWhiskers
    Could really do with an RP partner, As I don't frequent online much i'd recommend using my skype to contact me " marshall-shining " you'll know it's me immediately :P hope to have a response or two...
  • Thu at 9:30 AM - posted by Tashii
    Hay! So I suck at making refs and I need to have one so I don't have to wear that gasmask anymore. It would be greatly appreciated, and there will be a reward! A 2 ltr bottle of any soda that you choose will be mailed to you. I do however require it to be digital art. Thanks guys!
  • Mon at 10:03 AM - posted by lord justinian
    • Price $350.00
    i have recently finished the most influential rp of my life and its now a script! ii'll pay $350 to have it made into a comic (black and white with ful detail) i ask that you contact me me for payment info and character descriptions. im very flexible and can go up to $600! i can also wait around you...
  • Mon at 9:08 AM - posted by Nex Fluffytailz
    Offering free ref sheets specifically to those that have no ref yet, since I need practice with them and you need refs works out well. Once first is done I'll post an example Can make a Nsfw version to for 5$ thought
  • December 14 - posted by shepard dog
    • Location Akron ny [map]
    I'm in the Akron ny area and need a job shoving snow fixing stuff around the house opening pickle jars for grama anything i lost my parttime so i got full availablity
  • December 11 - posted by Lelah Vix
    Due to severe anxiety I cannot get an actual job, but I really need the money. Therefore, I'm doing a pay what you want commission. I ask that the price please doesn't go below $5. I have pictures of my work in my profile, for whatever reason I can't put them here. PayPal only.
  • December 10 - posted by Owen D'Noireis
    I am trying to get into the swing of writing again, I would like to offer my services as an RP furry to all of you who are interested in such things. I have a world of my own I created to make into a manga and would appreciate any and all help you wonderful furs care to offer. If interested, please ...
  • December 10 - posted by xima phex
    I am new to  being a furry. my persona is a orange fox with a husky's tail.  i want an rp partner (male or female). 
  • December 9 - posted by Elemental Styke 10
    • Price $19.50
    • Location Netherlands [map]
    So I've played around with Spraycans lately, And i tried Spraying Symbols and Decals onto shirts. And after rowening about 15 T-shirts, I've gotten the hang of it. Recently I've done some poking around, And I know have the right equipment to do this ^^ I've 2 Shirt's right now that came out excell...
  • December 7 - posted by Roanth Rufry Alfer
    NEW BANDRecruiting members for band over Skype.  UK furs only, so we can realistically play gigs (nothing against other nationalities)Members as of this advert are Roanth Rufry Alfer (Keyboard and vocals) and Saaxx Miku (Guitar and hopefully vocals)If we get many applications for the same instr...