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Classified Listings

  • April 17 - posted by Billie Excalipaw
    • Location Pittsburg, PA [map]
    Looking for a roommate for AnthroCon (AC). Message me for more information.
  • April 6 - posted by Varon Flamewing
    I need a new picture for my Phoenix fursona. PM me to get details. I can pay =) Thaks
  • March 20 - posted by irishfurry
    Irish 26yr old furry needing room mate in ireland, if any irish are here, or anyone moving to ireland, hmu :)
  • March 15 - posted by Thorin (king) trinity
    • Price $2.00
    • Location everywhere! [map]
    hiya! im currently selling premade conbadges(all hand drawn) for $2.00 USD contact me on here FN or my email for more information
  • March 5 - posted by Alex "Fawxe" Jace
    • Location Livonia MI [map]
    Looking for some furiends to hang out with as it seems that the few that frequent the mall aren't there anymore o3o Or I keep missing them. All the same! I'm an interesting fella who is looking to start a gaming group, though I'm into most everything imaginable so please don't be scared :3
  • March 5 - posted by Lavi Avani
    Are there any furries in the Augusta Georgia area? If so, speak up and let yourself be heard!
  • February 21 - posted by Fenir Stardust
    • Location salt lake, utah [map]
    I need a roommate soon in south salt lake. Its a nice place, only 1 bedroom though, but large and spacious. PM me for more info. Close to trax n other stores.
  • February 16 - posted by June Bug
    do not have any money, but i am willing trade. i have no references for this fursona... june - hyena girl - early 20s - slightly chubby forest dweller. usually hidden. eats fish, eggs, and enemies, if she has to. quiet, but confident. extremely loyal to her friends, mostly non-violent, buti...
  • February 11 - posted by Scourge
    • Price $240.00
    • Location 11424 morely ct. falcon [map]
    I have recently inherited a collection of Avon products, Beer Steins. I am selling the collection as a whole for $240, otherwise individually they would total $280. below I have a list of the different names and dates for each different Stein: -1977 Ships ~ $20 -1978 Strike at point sporting...
  • February 11 - posted by Scourge
    Hey, anyone looking for an idea for a story if you like to write? I'm looking for someone to write out my fursonas history, I can promise you its an interesting storyline ^^