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Classified Listings

  • April 30 - posted by Raven Grey
    Okay so I have decided to start doing commissions......I haven't fully figured out rates or anything yet but, I'll be posting about that in the next couple of days. If you would like a commission, please leave a comment or email me at [email protected] Thank you all for your time! XD  &n...
  • April 25 - posted by Elmo
    I do digital and traditional drawing and sketches. If you are looking for some art, just ask! I do ferals, anthros, furrys, and ref sheets. MESSAGE ME. That is the only way i will accept requests.
  • April 14 - posted by Allana De-Luca
    Will do sfw and nsfw, feral, antrho,taur.real/simi real only I dont do cartoony. Male/female/herm, vore but no scat. Cute/dark/romantic/funny. USD and paypal only   (profile, or personal use) 1 character $10 , 2 characters $15 , 3 character or more $20  Icons are 5x5in and $5&n...
  • April 5 - posted by Kyun Kitsune
    Looking for anyone willing to take part in a story I'm currently writing up. It's still in it's baby stages, as I'm gathering people who are willing to be characters and see themselves in the story, or help write the story and have a direct hand in it. Artists are also welcome. The story is written ...
  • March 31 - posted by Volrhya Okhotnik SthromKlyk
    Looking for someone to move in with..... ive had it with the peoplei live with...... only stipulation is that you would have to pick me and a few things up..... i dont have much to give right off the bat but....will get a job to pay for "rent" and do stuff like pitch in with whatever is asked of &nb...
  • February 24 - posted by Shade Lotas
    • Price $2.00
    if you want a cheap icon i can make you one 2$ - 5$ usd i can only make five at a time 
  • February 17 - posted by Zin Stone
    • Price $50.00
      Opening 3 slots for drink badges!Just fill this out and message me:Name:Drink:Character ref:Paypal email:I will then invoice you and once paid begin your badge.   Thanks for reading! -Zin
  • February 16 - posted by Payne Tigerclaw
    I am new to really exploring my fursona, tho I am a kitten. I am hoping to make some real friends who can help me understand and learn in more depth what this could be for me. If you'd like to know more about me/be my furiend, you can message me on here and I have a kik as well.
  • February 16 - posted by Solar Eclipse
    Hi. I really need a ref pic but i dont have any extra cash to pay for one and i cant draw to save my life. >.< If anyone could help me i would love you forever!! Im not picky when it comes to someone helping ^^ 
  • January 16 - posted by Kumi
    Hello, I am doing detailed portrait paintings.   Price : 25$ If you want to commission me send an email with the subject "Portrait Commission". Paypal Only Email: [email protected] Have a nice day.