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  • December 10 - posted by Owen D'Noireis
    I am trying to get into the swing of writing again, I would like to offer my services as an RP furry to all of you who are interested in such things. I have a world of my own I created to make into a manga and would appreciate any and all help you wonderful furs care to offer. If interested, please ...
  • December 10 - posted by xima phex
    I am new to  being a furry. my persona is a orange fox with a husky's tail.  i want an rp partner (male or female). 
  • December 9 - posted by Elemental Styke 10
    • Price $19.50
    • Location Netherlands [map]
    So I've played around with Spraycans lately, And i tried Spraying Symbols and Decals onto shirts. And after rowening about 15 T-shirts, I've gotten the hang of it. Recently I've done some poking around, And I know have the right equipment to do this ^^ I've 2 Shirt's right now that came out excell...
  • December 7 - posted by Roanth Rufry Alfer
    NEW BANDRecruiting members for band over Skype.  UK furs only, so we can realistically play gigs (nothing against other nationalities)Members as of this advert are Roanth Rufry Alfer (Keyboard and vocals) and Saaxx Miku (Guitar and hopefully vocals)If we get many applications for the same instr...
  • December 6 - posted by Saiyuri Kazuka
      So I really need a good (preferably) digital character reference sheet. All I have of my fursona is one sketch. Definitely willing to pay for the commission as long as it's reasonable.  Thanks! ^_^    
  • December 5 - posted by Pompeii
      Hiya!    My commissions are presently open, if anyone is interested. I'm a speedy worker, who loves to keep my clients as up-to-date as possible on the development of their images. I have minimal limitations on what I'm willing to draw (my no-gos are extreme violence, such as d...
  • December 1 - posted by Lelah Vix
    I'm offering PWYW commissions, you pay what you want as long as its within reason. I'm willing to do NSFW and would love to do some holidayesque stuff. I ask for payment up front and only accept PayPal. Thank you, Lelah.
  • November 27 - posted by lord justinian
    im looking for a female wolf or mostly female wolf fursona to rp with. im a wolf fursona with some history in a giant forest pesterated up into lonely vilages. in brown colored and have a husky's tail.
  • November 26 - posted by Lozbunneh
    Getting into the Christmas spirit and as a treat I am going to do a Christmas Icon Raffle! (FREE OFC) Apply by commenting on this Classified post and you could be in for a chance to win one of your character! (examples from my dropbox found below) I will annouce the winners on December 5th, at som...
  • November 19 - posted by Goddess Syuri
    • Price $268.00
    • Location atl [map]
    hii! i'm looking for someone to share a room with at fwa(my first con) i was planning to check in THU AND LEAVE SUNDAY i prefer a female whos bi/lez(just what a perfer) someone who's willling to split the cost just me&you not so big with having multi ppl in a room i'll be sleeping in.If i'm sharing ...