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Classified Listings

  • August 1 - posted by Chica
    • Price $10.00
    Hello! I'm opening up sketch commissions that will look something like this:   They will cost $10 each. PM me for details.   Will draw any species. All will be full body.    
  • July 13 - posted by Dusk Garrix
    • Location Ohio United States [map]
    This Friday at 8 PM EST (or 20:00 hours, Idk) I'll be mixing live on, like always. I'll practice this whole week and try to make this mix one of the greatest one's yet. I'd love for you to stop by and take a listen! If you can't stay long or dont wanna go, its alright. If anyone do...
  • July 4 - posted by lord justinian
    the BBC canceled an oddly popular tv show called mongrels. it's awesome and you NEED TO SEE IT! I'm one of the few trying to get the show back on the air
  • July 4 - posted by lord justinian
    • Location online [map]
    my favourite FA artist has left deviant art and went to FA but my FA account is broken in almost every sense of the word. I'm looking for someone to contact him for me so i can get his full updates somehow and to get his consent on a comic I'm doing inspired by his work. he goes by the name they ton...
  • June 29 - posted by Shadaki Wolfen
    I am looking for someone who wants to RP. This is not a random RP though. I am very specific about it and i feel like its a bit weird but if you are willing to hear me out then PM me.
  • June 2 - posted by Siobhan Alfa-stoirm
    • Price $8.00
    • Location Online [map]
    custome ears fo 10 dollars. contact me through my inbox with the form below. username: colors or ref for ears: paypal: style(ie stuffed, wired, movable strings, head band clip ons) there is a 3week to 6week waiting period for some colors of fur becuase it runs out faster than others the lis...
  • May 31 - posted by Wolfy
    • Price $5.00
    • Location [map]
    Doing Headshot commissions~ These go for 5 bucks a 800X800 headshot (originally was 10, but lowered the price due to.. stuff), and for extra characters they are 5 bucks for (Bucks is pretty much USD for those who ain't aware). I can do canines (and vulpines), felines, bears, Lombaxes, most dragons ...
  • May 24 - posted by Rinka Wolf
    I am open for commissions. I do traditional and digital. feel free to look at my gallery on FA
  • May 8 - posted by HystericalHyena115
    • Location the internet [map]
    Hey looking for some people to game with, I have recently made the transition from xbox to pc and i'm currently looking for some guys to hang with, I play bf4, black ops 2 etc etc love fps and somewhat serious gaming though i can have fun! :3 feel free to hit me up on skype if you would like or pm ...
  • May 4 - posted by Cobra McJingleballs
    • Location florida [map]
    Looking for a room to rent in florida, preferably tampa or orlando areas...looking for around $400 rentz to pay for room