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Classified Listings

  • October 27 - posted by Maistir Sionnach
    • Location Omaha Nebraska [map]
    Just looking for fellow furys in my area to chat with
  • October 24 - posted by Plushie Ninja (Yuu the Ninja Fox)
    Hello all, I thought I'd come here looking to share my art and see if anyone would be interested in commissioning me.  I do quality art in a timely manner, and try to get the commissions done asap. Prices: Line art: $1 Flat Colors: $5 Shaded: $10 With background: $15 and for each additiona...
  • October 23 - posted by Beta Spirit
    • Price $3.00
    • Location United Kingdom [map]
    Hello! I've decided to open up Traditional commisions. You know how this works: send your character's reference sheet, these commissions will be Feral with simple colour background. Message me if you're interested.
  • October 21 - posted by lord justinian
    • Location online [map]
    would any pony be willing to help ne contact pixelkitties deviantart for permission to print out whine labels based on their labels? (my deviant art is broken) my email is
  • October 21 - posted by Alis
    • Price $2.00
    Hello! I've decided to open up digital comissions! You know how this works: send your character's reference sheet and, if you want, a pose for me to draw them in, and I'll get to work! These commissions will be fullbody chibis with a simple background. See the attached image for an example. :) Mess...
  • October 21 - posted by John Al
    • Price $4.00
    Hello, thank you for looking at my commission page. I'm wanting a bit of extra money, so I decided to give this a try. I will ask no money until I have the finished product(Unless you are wanting 10k or more words. Then I will ask for at least half up front, because for me 10k is a lot of work).&nbs...
  • October 18 - posted by Buba Fish
    HI All Looking to have a Plus Sized Bear fursuit made for me.  Im located in Rhode Island USA>  Im 6'7" inches tall and about 400 lb So I do mean plus sized.  Let me know what you think where you are and what you can do .    You can email  &n...
  • October 14 - posted by Nex Fluffytailz
    • Price $10.00
    commissions for cheap 10$ -20$ paypal. see my gallery to see the quality.
  • October 7 - posted by Kóllzae-ko'áwqke
    Heya, I'm Káryo.  I'm a novice writer with, I believe, a rather good grasp on the English language, and I'd like to further my skills by taking on requests.  I'm doing this completely free-of-charge but if you'd like to pay me, I'll accept any amount of money.  I will not write...
  • October 6 - posted by Jordan
    • Price $5.00
    Hello! I'm a new artist on the forums here, and I'm looking to start commissions! Some examples of my art: Head-Shot: ...