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  • Hello everone :)
    How you can see in the Topic, I am searching for a Fursona.
    The only bad thing is, that I cant pay for it, because I have to spend my money for something really important.
    So when someone could create me an Fursona for free it would be really cool, I will share you then to showw them who created my Fursona, so here are some Details :)...  more
  • As the beautiful petals fly through the air, the islands of Hawa...  more
  • Welcome to NueroTail
    A VR (virtual reality) game played so far in a small population but willing to accept new players
    The game is about combat that requires non explosive fire arms and no vehicles are allowed outside of citadel, along with this are several climates and areas provided with some realism.
    You have swamp, winters chill (snow and frosted forest), desert, woodland, grass planes, and old urban (city which gives access to the "under earth" a cave system full of deadly surprises if you manage to survive old Urbans peak time), and lastly citadel which houses trade and a arena for staking or fun duels...  more
  • I remember how popular my old Medieval Times rp was. Hopefully I can bring it back.
    Since it's medieval you can pretty much guess what kind of weaponry and other stuff that exists. Magic is allowed.
    You create your own story here. No restrictions except for a few rules.___________________________________________________
    1. No Op ...  more

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  • *Walks to my horse in the stables near the towns exit. Put her o...  more
  • (sorry for being gone so long ben away and stuff but im here now and ready for action)
    *growls silent*
    Look what you have done!
    I needed him and i had him in the best place and positon ever and now he's gone....  more
  • Name: Hailey Burkhardt
    Age: 17
    Species: Ocelot
    Profession: Healer...  more
  • To a place that belongs to someone else. That said place contain...  more