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    Now resurrected, I'm gonna try to actually help this time! Also if you find someone, get out. No misunderstandings this time.
  • 5 members led by Axel Zeppeli
    A place to discuss certain things that are interesting. Kinda an experiment to see if anyone would be interested in a round-table discussion. No politics or anything, just different hypothetical questions.
  • 3 members led by Wolfgang Lunar
    A group for Furries who enjoy Politics and World News
  • 3 members led by ~CutiePie~
    for all furs who are interested in cars :3
  • 3 members led by Maistir Sionnach
    This is a group formed for the support of those of us who have spouses or mates who are not furry. It is not for bashing spouses or anything like that. This is a support group to help those who wish for furry friends and acquaintances and build friends...  more
  • 1 member led by Audiophile Faux
    Furries&Scalies who are Bisexual, Pansexual & Omnisexual , but tend to lean moar towards there own gender than the opposite
  • 2 members led by Sol "red" Rose
    We praise the pineapple! We bless the pineapple! We are the pineapple!
  • 2 members led by Rage The Wolf
    furries who think or are otherkin.
  • 2 members led by Lieutenant Ruse
    Are you crazy? I can't tell because I'm crazy! WOLLOLOOLOLOO *puts on saucepan*
  • 28 members led by Danicus Fionnlagh
    For those furs that feel tasty :3