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    This is a group for all the Poets out there. The Idea behind this group is that each successive post must be a poem that counters the previous. (Ex. The last poem is about death and hate, so the next poem must be about life or love, etc.)
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    For those who are, or are fans of Those. furry dudes and divas who love to sing with their synthisized voices from the bottom of their digital hearts, almost like a quantum wind, it goes on and on.
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    This group is if you support or believe in marriage traditionally between a man and a woman, or support traditional family values personally and think that it's appropriate, and to preserve the traditional family lifestyle, etc... Keep in mind, this ISN'T...  more
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    For Furs/scalies characters who have a criminal background~
    This can include: Theifs, Murders, Gangsters or just the completely insane~
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    For those who love cuddle parties, furpiles, whatever you call them, it's a massive cuddle with many many furs, then this is your place! Just one cuddle could potentially set everybody off, which is obviously a good thing x3x3
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    A group to help support those who are questioning their identity and or of the gay trans queer community I welcome them with open paws :3
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    This group is dedicated to those of the scale variety. As long as you have scales or have some scalie DNA inside of you, you can join. Just a group for funzies ^w^
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    Hello and welcome to the SPAC, a place to find shelter as a slave or pet in need of an owner. Or if on the opposite side an owner looking to adopt.
    1) PG-13 please, nothing more, keep naughty stuf...  more
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    I am making this school because I know from personal experience how hard it is to struggle and not be able to improve no matter how many books you buy or how many tutorials or videos you watch online. I also know from experience how hard it can be to batt...  more