• 2 members led by Sky Rider
    Because I just had to create this group! For all the Furrmans out there who are way too in touch with their furry side and can basically be considered a furry trapped in a humans body. Furries!
  • 2 members led by Theron Salard
    A group for anyone that is looking for inner peace. Yoga meditation music to relax to anyway that is related to meditation. Anyone can join the group just be sure to not bring drama and no fighting because it will not be tolerated
  • 1 member led by Sky Rider
    This is a group of furries who have downloaded the mobile game Ingress and joined team Blue, The Resistance. This is the team I am on and I've just begun to play. Most elaborate video game I have ever come across in my life and I will play it for a long time!
  • 2 members led by Sugar Cat
    If you, A:play geometry dash, B:love geometry dash, C:share levels on grometry dash, then get ready
  • 6 members led by Sky Rider
    For all furs who are just romantic types. No sexual orientation requirements or any other specifications.
  • 2 members led by Tashii
    Spooky scary skelefurs. Or walking corpses in general.
  • 1 member led by Mârvin Fêmbôy
    For everyfur who is/loves macro furries :3
  • 3 members led by Hauyne
    For those who love spice and spicy food.
  • 2 members led by Phantom toriyama
    Meet furs in and around Hampshire area weather its from Farham or Southampton
    (group may help plan future meets)
    (chances are no more than a hour away from southampton but this group is here to help meet new furs)
  • 4 members led by Yukie Southclaw
    Group for furs in South Florida Furs to talk! And perhaps start a group meet one day.