• 2 members led by Rage The Wolf
    furries who think or are otherkin.
  • 1 member led by Lieutenant Ruse
    Are you crazy? I can't tell because I'm crazy! WOLLOLOOLOLOO *puts on saucepan*
  • 24 members led by Danicus Fionnlagh
    For those furs that feel tasty :3
  • 2 members led by galtan nightstrider
    for any furry where space is your favorite thing you just can'y get enough of it
  • 10 members led by Audiophile Faux
    A group for furries & scalies with any kind of talent from using just there mind & body , ranging from able to play a musical instrument or singing/rapping/poetry , dancing , to being smart in any field of subjects such as mechanics , mathematics, scien...  more
  • 16 members led by Styke
    I post random music qoutes, wich are inspirational in life :]
    just cuz i like to, and won't spam the Cent tree that way ^^
  • 3 members led by Styke
    This group is made for All Furrs in Benelux ( Netherlands, Belguim and Luxemburg ) and Germany, So we can find other Furs around us if they are there :D
  • 6 members led by jeff larthea
    this is a self help group and community to share experiences they had.
  • 4 members led by Furfi Wolf
    For all furries who live in pencilvenia.