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    for furs who like to do scale modeling and like to show off thier modes
  • 2 members led by otonin
    High-Tech Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND was an elite black ops unit of the United States Army that was established by the "Legendary Soldier" Big Boss.

    Although its function changed over the years, FOXHOUND specialized in covert, solo infiltration, to cop...  more
  • 6 members led by Chessy Husky
    Hey..... um yeah I'm single and now i have a bestie with Rolu and others :3 but i want to make a group bout this so yeah join plz :)
  • 6 members led by Nex (Rin) Fluffytailz
    For those wanting requests, bases to draw on or free line art. When this group gets up and tuning then that shall be posted and available for free use!
  • 8 members led by Ryzen Fenix
    This group is for guardians that play Destiny on either PSN or XBL.
  • 4 members led by Max Dy
    YO! This group is for the furs who need a little help getting through their week. This is the group where the events will be posted for all the skype group calls I'll be hosting for everyone to talk, chat and just get support where it's needed.

    This is ...  more
  • 33 members led by Silver Bane
    As I Have Witnessed, There Are Many Furs That Are Either: Depressed, Have Low Self-Esteem, Etc. And I Have Made This Group To Support Those In Need. Whether You Want To Rant, Support , Show Off Your Amazing Art ;3 Or Just Chat You're Free Here At Any Time!
  • 16 members led by Gabriel Drizzle
    all gay, bi, pan furs that wanna rp or whatnot come over here we dont dicriminate
  • 4 members led by Rainon
    For the furrys who live in the UK
  • 13 members led by Midnight Skywere
    This is a group I make for those furs out there who are passionate for vehicles. I am Midnight Skywere, and I'm more than certain this is the only vehicle group on the site!