• Audiophile Faux▶

    Enemy Furs

    Posted by Audiophile Faux▶ 37 minutes ago - 8 votes - 0 views
    Are ther any kind of furs that you dunt like at all for any reason?
  • Katrina Fluffypaw

    Where do you live?

    Posted by Katrina Fluffypaw 8 hours ago - 21 votes - 24 views
    Pick the option that best describes your location! This poll isn't biased at all I swear.
  • Audiophile Faux▶

    You Are Getting Sleepy , Very Shleeepy

    Posted by Audiophile Faux▶ Fri at 11:22 PM - 21 votes - 28 views
    Your sleep cycle makes you a ?
  • Nokturn Shrykov


    Posted by Nokturn Shrykov Fri at 8:10 PM - 18 votes - 22 views
    Just a random poll for fun, just vote on what you'd like to see (I'm boredish)
  • Q


    Posted by Q Fri at 10:05 AM - 25 votes - 36 views
    how does thou go about your following?
  • Daegon

    Furry mates

    Posted by Daegon Thu at 7:40 PM - 36 votes - 148 views
    Is your mate a furry, and or would you want them t be? Mine isn't, but they seem to be starting to be interested in them. Hope that bud blooms.
  • Maxwell волк

    Should I blog my short story?

    Posted by Maxwell волк Thu at 6:50 PM - 16 votes - 9 views
    I've recently written a short story, and I'm thinking about blogging it, but i just wanted other opinion. Its a horror/adventure/suspense three part story. I've just finished part one (part two and three are on the way!)
  • Nova Lapis

    Video Games?

    Posted by Nova Lapis Thu at 6:32 PM - 40 votes - 53 views
    What video games do you like to play?
  • Audiophile Faux▶

    Do you get intoxicated

    Posted by Audiophile Faux▶ Thu at 1:55 AM - 29 votes - 77 views
    Do you drink , wether its beer, IPA, malt liquor ,hard liquor, mixed drinks , a lot or a little
  • Q

    Would you become a banana?

    Posted by Q Wed at 5:00 PM - 26 votes - 37 views
    if you were given the option to become a sentient banana like me, would you?