• Audiophile Faux

    Nom Nom Munchiez

    Posted by Audiophile Faux October 19 - 11 votes - 3 views
    what do you like better crackers or chips? can be any kind of chip/cracker brand
  • Audiophile Faux

    The bad side of FURRY

    Posted by Audiophile Faux October 15 - 21 votes - 22 views
    Have you ever felt like leaving the Fandom? Due to something other Furs did, or furry drama er any other reason?
  • Mango Weasel

    Would You watch my Livestream?

    Posted by Mango Weasel October 14 - 13 votes - 7 views
    I was wondering, if I conducted a livestream right now would you watch?
  • Accendare

    Epic Sax Guy

    Posted by Accendare October 13 - 18 votes - 11 views
    Do you know Epic Sax Guy?
  • Miss May bell

    The drinks

    Posted by Miss May bell October 12 - 33 votes - 20 views
    what do you like?
  • Orange

    Who will win: Son Goku or Superman?

    Posted by Orange October 12 - 11 votes - 5 views
    Superman is so OP...
  • wave husky

    would anyone make my fursona cuzs can't draw

    Posted by wave husky October 11 - 5 votes - 13 views
  • Jay Quiet

    More or Less

    Posted by Jay Quiet October 10 - 8 votes - 6 views
    Do you think that the major population should be aware of the existence of many/any different terrestrial (intelligent) life forms, who are like us -being like man- who are like men in every regard say for the fact that they had a superpower/superpowers. I.E. flying, mind reading, teleportation, biokenesis, superman, batman, incredible hulk and all being the lesser of them all.
  • Azrael

    Fear or Respect?

    Posted by Azrael October 10 - 22 votes - 13 views
    Do you think it is better to rule through Fear and threat of force, or to be respected and fair, but seen as weak?
  • Max Wicked

    Console or Arcade....?

    Posted by Max Wicked October 10 - 18 votes - 9 views
    So the question is simple...Would you prefer a game console? (Everyone knows what one is...) Or a arcade cabinet? [Could be MAME or any specific arcade game like Time Crisis or a driving kind or whatever]