• Audiophile Faux


    Posted by Audiophile Faux 5 hours ago - 18 votes - 1 view
    Does it matter to you what species your mate is?
  • Tashii

    Prison Pockets

    Posted by Tashii 11 hours ago - 13 votes - 2 views
    If you had to sneak one thing inside of your butt for prison, what would it be?
  • ShayLo Wolfy

    Gender Swap?

    Posted by ShayLo Wolfy Wed at 6:54 PM - 23 votes - 5 views
    If u could swap your gender for 1 day would you? And what would u do?
  • Whisper

    tape measure or measuring tape?

    Posted by Whisper Mon at 8:58 PM - 20 votes - 11 views
    its as simple as that which do you call it
  • Tashii

    Which would you eat?

    Posted by Tashii Mon at 6:52 PM - 8 votes - 5 views
    Any kind of baby is delicious to me..
  • Pandernoona Thayieboo


    Posted by Pandernoona Thayieboo Mon at 6:14 PM - 18 votes - 6 views
    What's the best way to let your boyfriend know you're a furry?
  • Zamiro Lanxy

    When will you get your christmas presents?

    Posted by Zamiro Lanxy December 14 - 11 votes - 6 views
  • Ardon Sound

    Have done a genderbend?

    Posted by Ardon Sound December 14 - 15 votes - 4 views
    The Poll Companion to my Genderbend Challenge! I did this cause I can't find anyone's genderbend that they posted in response to my challenge. This is more of survey than poll actually.
  • Ardon Sound

    Did you draw your Profile pic?

    Posted by Ardon Sound December 14 - 28 votes - 9 views
    Just about exactly what the title says.
  • Milk

    Family Photos

    Posted by Milk December 14 - 39 votes - 9 views
    If I did a furry family photo shoot (drawn by me) where anyone and evryone would be involved would you want to be apart of it and should I proceed with starting it? Christmas themed of course