• Luis ([Audiophile Faux])

    Do You Wear A Collar

    Posted by Luis ([Audiophile Faux]) April 17 - 13 votes - 6 views
    Like wearing collars in public or private with other furs ?
  • Bolt

    Ridin Dirty

    Posted by Bolt April 15 - 6 votes - 8 views
    How would you rate this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_0IhIGAeoA
  • Rhodie FluffyButt

    Do you watch 'Regular Show'?

    Posted by Rhodie FluffyButt April 15 - 19 votes - 11 views
    Just curious how many other furs watch it ^w^
  • Luis ([Audiophile Faux])

    Type of Anthropomorphic?

    Posted by Luis ([Audiophile Faux]) April 14 - 13 votes - 13 views
    what are you?
  • Sml Deathcoon

    Imperial or Stormcloaks? (SkyRim Civil war quests)

    Posted by Sml Deathcoon March 26 - 7 votes - 34 views
    Which one should I do? I am growing tired of their stupid war and want to end it all. Hell, I don't even know/remember why they're even fighting in the first place.
  • Fafnear Haventhrone

    Final Fantasy Villains

    Posted by Fafnear Haventhrone March 19 - 11 votes - 28 views
    Who, or what, is your personal favorite Final Fantasy villain?
  • DarkMoon Silver

    Who should be the main Character of a story?

    Posted by DarkMoon Silver March 19 - 6 votes - 36 views
    Who should be the main character of my story? The three characters are triplets, but I'm not sure who I should choose. Tye, a mute but smart demon. Sash, a sassy mean demon who likes to joke around and mess with people, or Tash, a kind demon who tends to be serious a lot, but has a bit of humor.
  • Blix Xandar

    Would You Read?

    Posted by Blix Xandar March 18 - 10 votes - 22 views
    Okay guys, I'm working my first Anthro Grapich Novel. If I told you it was Pirates of the Caribbean meets Will and Grace, would you read it?
  • Rhodie FluffyButt

    Last name! (read desc)

    Posted by Rhodie FluffyButt March 17 - 10 votes - 27 views
    I have thought about this alot and i'm still unsure to give Rhodie a last name. If I gave him a last name it would be FluffyButt, however I need halp! Do I give the guy a last name? Or naw?
  • Billie Excalipaw

    Dragon or Fairy?

    Posted by Billie Excalipaw March 17 - 7 votes - 27 views
    I am starting a new game on Pokemon X and Y, and I already started thinking about my main team. I want to add Goodra and Mewostic, but I already have five pokemon. Which one should I choose?