• Pan Aput


    Posted by Pan Aput Fri at 1:06 PM - 3 votes - 0 views
    OK. I'm going to be in Nashville in June. Long story short I'm going to be all alone in a 4 bedroom suite. Are there any furs that would be willing to come over for a mini fur meet, movie night, whatever?
  • Venic Dragon

    Which do you prefer?

    Posted by Venic Dragon Thu at 4:14 AM - 2 votes - 1 view
    Just a random thing. Which type of relationship do you prefer?
  • ♥♥MysticHeart♥♥

    Furries And Chest Hair

    Posted by ♥♥MysticHeart♥♥ Thu at 2:00 AM - 25 votes - 11 views
    obviously this is about the guys out there(genetic males and non)...but in your opinion do furry dudes have more or less chest hair than icky "normal" people?
  • Damon igneous

    games of the people

    Posted by Damon igneous Wed at 1:24 AM - 3 votes - 3 views
  • Q

    What's in your wallet?

    Posted by Q Tue at 11:05 PM - 14 votes - 9 views
    Would you rather
  • Maxwell ρακούν

    How to get a tail

    Posted by Maxwell ρακούν Tue at 9:49 PM - 1 vote - 0 views
    I don't want my parents to know I'm a furry, but I want a tail. I've decided to get it online but how should I receive it in the most stealthy way?
  • Kuz Iztacmizton

    LoL (League of Legends) servers aka regions

    Posted by Kuz Iztacmizton Tue at 5:32 PM - 5 votes - 2 views
    So I heard a lot of furs are playing League of Legends. Perhaps we could play together, but I have no idea wich server do you play on. Since I'm russian, I play on russian server, but I can try other servers too!
  • Cardinalidae

    Coffee or Tea?

    Posted by Cardinalidae Tue at 2:45 PM - 2 votes - 0 views
    I'm addicted to both. Which do you prefer? :D
  • Terry Jay

    v^_^v Would You Rather?

    Posted by Terry Jay Tue at 10:09 AM - 4 votes - 1 view
    v¬_¬v Simple "would you rather" question! No wrong answers, just askin'.
  • Scarfthekitty

    Most effective weapon

    Posted by Scarfthekitty Tue at 9:56 AM - 3 votes - 10 views
    in the game aliens colonial marines which is the most effective weapon