• Wolfgang Lunar

    Michael Brown or Darren Wilson?

    Posted by Wolfgang Lunar 1 hour ago - 9 votes - 18 views
    Who do you think was Innocent based on all the evidence and from what the district attorney stated.
  • Telo Reficul


    Posted by Telo Reficul 1 hour ago - 8 votes - 1 view
    What do you prefer as a symbol to represent the furry fandom?
  • Mai Valentine

    I am most thankful for

    Posted by Mai Valentine 3 hours ago - 31 votes - 3 views
    it's THANKS giving after all tomorrow yall so shout it loud and proud what are you thankful for?
  • Beta Spirit

    What am I?

    Posted by Beta Spirit 5 hours ago - 29 votes - 7 views
  • Turgius the 'only slightly' Mad

    Roman Emeperors!

    Posted by Turgius the 'only slightly' Mad Tue at 5:17 PM - 13 votes - 3 views
    For anyone with a love of Roman History! Who is your favorite Princep of the World from the carefully constructed list below?
  • Faelan

    yes or no

    Posted by Faelan Mon at 9:07 PM - 16 votes - 7 views
    if you were mated and wanted a child, be you straight or gay, which would you choose?
  • Turgius the 'only slightly' Mad

    American Presidents

    Posted by Turgius the 'only slightly' Mad Mon at 6:26 PM - 22 votes - 16 views
    To all with a interest in American Presidents, who are your more favorably inclined to among the list bellow?
  • Turgius the 'only slightly' Mad

    Your favrot

    Posted by Turgius the 'only slightly' Mad Mon at 6:23 PM - 7 votes - 5 views
    To all with a interest in American Presidents who is your favorite among the list below?
  • Cain Rainbow

    Thanksgiving week -school age kids

    Posted by Cain Rainbow Mon at 6:07 PM - 16 votes - 5 views
    If yall are from middle school to high school or possibly college idk about them. But how many days you have off this week?
  • Montferrat "Monty"

    Do you think Officer Wilson is guilty?

    Posted by Montferrat "Monty" Mon at 6:07 PM - 10 votes - 7 views
    A verdict is going to be reached soon on whether Officer Wilson should or shouldn't be indicted to appear in court for shooting an unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. Just 10 minutes prior to Michael Browns encounter with the police officer, he attempted to rob a gas station store but when he failed, he left the store only to encounter the police officer who shot him. In defense of Micheal