• Dave Rednal

    do you like porn?

    Posted by Dave Rednal 8 hours ago - 16 votes - 6 views
    Hi! I'm wondering if you furs Like 'human porn' or yiff
  • Sky Rider

    Species (Spaccific)

    Posted by Sky Rider Thu at 8:40 PM - 26 votes - 2 views
    This is an exceedingly specific breed poll I'm making cuz I feel the others didn't branch out enough. Vote please!
  • Diesel Powers

    Should I get a new place?

    Posted by Diesel Powers Wed at 5:17 AM - 2 votes - 0 views
    So I live with my crush, but after over a year of living with her I realized she is not interested in me. And now she constantly brings over her ex who I want to kick his teeth in everytime I see him because of the way he has treated her. I'm thinking about getting a place to myself but at the same time my roommate is awesome, just heartbreaking to be around sometimes.
  • Dusk Nightlife

    Amaterasu or felicia

    Posted by Dusk Nightlife January 25 - 2 votes - 2 views
  • Aiden Sheppie

    which breed?

    Posted by Aiden Sheppie January 25 - 10 votes - 1 view
    Which breed of canine would fit me better as a permanent fursona?
  • Hawk Flindaeton

    Help me pick a Pokemon Teacher!

    Posted by Hawk Flindaeton January 24 - 20 votes - 3 views
    So I'm creating a Pokemon OC for a fanfic and I don't know which one to choose so I'm letting the community help me choose!
  • Orange

    How often you get out of your comfort zone?

    Posted by Orange January 24 - 25 votes - 15 views
    When you're feeling insecure
  • Ryan Kodlak

    super bowl 2015

    Posted by Ryan Kodlak January 24 - 4 votes - 6 views
    who do you think is more than likely to win the superbowl this year the patriots or the seahawks ?
  • Milk

    Disney Ych Challenge

    Posted by Milk January 23 - 13 votes - 1 view
    I'll be doing a series of ych challenges to boost my artist skills and just make awesome crap. you guys get to decide which one i do first
  • Sky Rider

    Which Feelings Mean More?

    Posted by Sky Rider January 22 - 13 votes - 14 views
    This poll is for those of you wise and romantic furries. This a poll based of of my opinion and as so I will say there is a correct answer which revolves around my romantic and poetic morals. If you disagree with what I believe is the correct answer, I respect you for that and if you feel you must confront me, that is perfectly fine. The correct answer will be revealed when a certain vote quota is