• Jang Ulstch

    Is it a good idea?

    Posted by Jang Ulstch July 19 - 8 votes - 10 views
    I was just wondering if it was a good idea to set up a kickstarter account to ask for donations so I can get a fursuit started? I am open to ideas of other ways to get donations for it.
  • Mocha Coffeehound

    Changing tongue piercing?

    Posted by Mocha Coffeehound July 15 - 11 votes - 8 views
    what color/type should I change it to? right now I have a dark blue steel one. just random and I want to change it
  • Jiro Shadowfyre

    What Kind?

    Posted by Jiro Shadowfyre July 14 - 22 votes - 9 views
    What kind character is your fur? like... when you RP how to do see your fur?
  • Htedomsa

    Techno genre for Terry Schiavo Musical

    Posted by Htedomsa July 12 - 7 votes - 9 views
    I'm thinking of making a techno remix of Family Guy's Terry Schiavo Musical score, but first I need to decide on the type of electric music genre. What type of techno do you think is appropriate?
  • Orange

    Which is your all time favorite HALO game?

    Posted by Orange July 10 - 10 votes - 11 views
    The Halo franchise is arguably one of the best franchise that shook the gaming industry, particularly by bringing multi-player onto consoles (and of course, much much more). It's been more than 10 years since the first Halo came out. So let's take a moment and look back the journey and share us your opinion of your favorite BEST Halo installments! :D
  • Miss  ♥ Ann Dryst ☿

    do you like animals?

    Posted by Miss ♥ Ann Dryst ☿ July 6 - 12 votes - 12 views
    there was a buzzfeed article about people who don't like animals, and i just can't wrap my head around that. that's crazy!
  • panda

    which animal is cuter?

    Posted by panda July 4 - 12 votes - 11 views
  • Kyten Fokz

    What would be cute to wear Tomorrow?

    Posted by Kyten Fokz July 4 - 11 votes - 12 views
    Just seeing?
  • Audiophile Faux

    you are?

    Posted by Audiophile Faux July 3 - 19 votes - 27 views
  • Jiro Shadowfyre

    10'000 UPDATES!!

    Posted by Jiro Shadowfyre June 22 - 15 votes - 24 views
    This is the game, im down to 7 updates away from reaching 10'000. click the selection below and see if your vote #7. who ever is vote #7 wins!! have fun!! DO NOT CLICK THE ONE LABELED "DO NOT CLICK" PLEASE, THANK YOU.