• Helfonx Wolf


    Posted by Helfonx Wolf August 23 - 27 votes - 28 views
    What langauge you will learn, if you must chose one.
  • Halloween Hachi


    Posted by Halloween Hachi August 23 - 23 votes - 27 views
    Who here sleeps good at night?
  • Chessy Husky

    Do you love to Cuddle Me?

    Posted by Chessy Husky August 22 - 25 votes - 25 views
    Do you love cuddly husky if he's timid, scared and lonely :)
  • Tyrian TheFox

    Real life test

    Posted by Tyrian TheFox August 22 - 42 votes - 43 views
    If you could have one body part in real life of your fursona or any fursona what would it be?
  • ♢Fire Fly♢

    Homeschooling issues/Life issues

    Posted by ♢Fire Fly♢ August 22 - 33 votes - 25 views
    Ive had no friends ever really in the 11 years of my life Im home schooled and I really dont know what people think of me at this point ive heard many answers to this problem of mine and I wanted to know how people thought of me. And no saying "Go outside" Because ive tried that and everyone leaves dead animals in bags in my yard, You can also comment about your answer
  • star constellation

    whoudint u miss me

    Posted by star constellation August 21 - 28 votes - 29 views
    Whoudint u miss me if I left the fandom becus I fill as thou I don't belong.
  • Deimos Mora

    Fursona shipping

    Posted by Deimos Mora August 20 - 25 votes - 37 views
    Would you ship your fursona, and if yes, with what fursona would you ship it? (if the other person agrees to do so)
  • Nex (Rin) Fluffytailz

    winged adopts

    Posted by Nex (Rin) Fluffytailz August 20 - 20 votes - 22 views
    Do you like wing adopts and should I make them?
  • Nex (Rin) Fluffytailz

    adoptables how much?

    Posted by Nex (Rin) Fluffytailz August 20 - 5 votes - 17 views
    How much should I charge for adoptables? Chibis 5$ and up? And full bodies And ferals These are minimums
  • Sheepy

    When do you take showers..?

    Posted by Sheepy August 20 - 36 votes - 21 views
    I was having a discussion with my friend the other day, as to why I prefer to shower in the evening, rather than the morning. What about you guys? and what are the reasons? please comment!