• Audiophile Faux


    Posted by Audiophile Faux January 11 - 22 votes - 18 views
    how do you wear your clothes?
  • Wolf

    The Furry Fandom is evolving (redo)

    Posted by Wolf January 10 - 26 votes - 18 views
    How long do you think until you can actually modify yourself to be biologically a real furry's?
  • Wolf

    The Furry Fandom is evolving

    Posted by Wolf January 9 - 10 votes - 16 views
    (Question at bottom) Cells, its what makes us who we are, but what is a cell without DNA? DNA makes us what we look like, how we act and what we think like. Think of DNA as a script in programming or a manual to your brand new toaster, that is re-writable. Its the genetic instructions for us and every living organism. science has made a giant leap since the eara of technological advancements,
  • Eon Drake

    WYFS pt 2

    Posted by Eon Drake January 9 - 4 votes - 9 views
    okay, I should be able to add all the ones I missed here. I ran into a question cap before, made it difficult not to lump some furs together, sorry! if there are any other species that I forgot, do not hesitate let me know.
  • Eon Drake

    fursona: WYFS

    Posted by Eon Drake January 9 - 25 votes - 14 views
    now then,the question of the day is... What is Your Fursona's Species? One account=One vote please. Okay, there are alot of these polls out there but a few categories are always missing. since there is always a category I will most likely miss, feel free to let me know in the comments if you do not fit in any of the mentioned categories
  • Vixen Fox

    Life or Death?

    Posted by Vixen Fox January 9 - 17 votes - 13 views
    Should I live another day?
  • axel matrix


    Posted by axel matrix January 8 - 22 votes - 13 views
    has anybody on here expeirenced an earthqauke i want to know
  • Vixen Fox

    Fnaf 2

    Posted by Vixen Fox January 7 - 20 votes - 13 views
    Should I play FNaF 2?
  • Vixen Fox

    Favorite FNaF 2 animatronic

    Posted by Vixen Fox January 6 - 16 votes - 45 views
    Who's your FAVORITE animatronic from FNaF 2? Vote for your favorite animatronic. This isn't a vote for how you like them in-game. This is for voting for your favorite design.
  • "Shadow Wolf" Chris

    Favorite FNAF 1/2 easter eggs

    Posted by "Shadow Wolf" Chris January 6 - 12 votes - 10 views
    What is your favorite Five Nights at Freddy's Easter egg out of both games? If I missed any, do comment so.