• Everlywolf

    My art

    Posted by Everlywolf September 25 - 22 votes - 20 views
    Be honest, my art on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst, 10th being the best) what would is my art?
  • Niko

    Beatles or stones

    Posted by Niko September 24 - 18 votes - 24 views
    Its been a debate since the 60's
  • Fredrick Hunington

    are foxes the starting animal of the fandom?

    Posted by Fredrick Hunington September 24 - 25 votes - 34 views
    a lot of furs consider foxes to be the "starting animal" so to speak
  • The Fuzzy One

    Is this a poll?

    Posted by The Fuzzy One September 23 - 20 votes - 27 views
    WELL IS IT!?
  • Noah Daleo

    animal crossing life in which you change a thing about

    Posted by Noah Daleo September 22 - 16 votes - 36 views
    if you could live in the world of animal crossing but had to change one thing what would it be
  • Maxwell SP

    Which sounds cooler?

    Posted by Maxwell SP September 22 - 23 votes - 33 views
    Which one of the following sounds cooler
  • The Fuzzy One


    Posted by The Fuzzy One September 22 - 16 votes - 18 views
    Ya' like 'em, the concept of nerdfighteria as a whole, and/or the mere idea of pizza?
  • Halloween Hachi

    Blood on the dance floor?

    Posted by Halloween Hachi September 22 - 23 votes - 32 views
    What do you think of them? Personaly I'm not into them, burpt I resoect furs that are. Are you?
  • Sonie Jewel

    Character design help

    Posted by Sonie Jewel September 21 - 22 votes - 31 views
    Ok so I'm making a character just cuz thats what I do when I'm bored. But I need some help. So this character is gonna look ghostly (but not actually be a ghost) so I'm wondering what the best palet (if that's the wright word) to use. I'm planning on not using more than 4 colors (just to keep it simple)
  • Deimos Mora


    Posted by Deimos Mora September 21 - 32 votes - 36 views
    Do you like gore? (as in blood etc.)