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  • Mackenzi
    MackenziFurry Gaming Nation:

    New very furry like game thats being released November
    Steam Greenlight :: Witanlore: Dreamtime
    • a few seconds ago
  • Mackenzi
    Mackenzi likes the group Furry Gaming Nation:
    Furry Gaming Nation
    • 1 minute ago
  • Theron Salard
    Theron SalardFurry Gaming Nation:
    Antilia - A Unique Fantasy World
    • 22 minutes ago
    • · via mobile
    • Theron Salard
      Mackenzi I was excited for this game till they scratched the MMOrPG part of it. Im really disappointed now.
      • 2 minutes ago
  • Samurai Kai
    Samurai Kai
    Quit my job yesterday in hopes to find another job, already got it. Hope it's better. >.<
    • 28 minutes ago
    • Samurai Kai
      Murphy Slaugh Good luck on your new new job, Samurai.
      • 27 minutes ago
    • Samurai Kai
      Theron Salard i hope so too
      • 25 minutes ago
  • Murphy Slaugh
    Murphy Slaugh
    Pun of the Day: Pun of the Day: Funniness and cleverness have always been two notable factors for rating puns, but the third has groan in significance.
    • 32 minutes ago
  • Ashe Nakamura
    Ashe Nakamura
    can't wait until the game Antilia comes out. It looks amazing. Anyone know of any other games centered around anthro characters?
    • 34 minutes ago
    • Ashe Nakamura
      Theron Salard never hear of it but i will look into this game
      • 20 minutes ago
    • Ashe Nakamura
      Theron Salard There is Second Life
      • 19 minutes ago
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  • Vexis Fokz
    Vexis Fokz
    http://bit.ly/1YcZFJ4 Meet Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina—the final Evolutions of the starter Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon! Learn more about them and the guardian deities of the Alola region on our official site! US preorders for Pokémon...
    • 36 minutes ago
  • Yuki Nekomura
    Yuki Nekomura
    ... I won't be able to eat lunch today, since I already bought breakfast today... Oh well!
    • 37 minutes ago
    • · via mobile
  • Yuki Nekomura
    Yuki Nekomura
    Other than that, good meowning, my furry friends!
    • 43 minutes ago
    • · via mobile
    • Yuki Nekomura
      Bellum Draconicus *hugs* morning ^^
      • 42 minutes ago
    • Yuki Nekomura
      Lustedinor Fontriedon Mornings.
      • 40 minutes ago
    • Yuki Nekomura
      Espie the Golden Spirit of Nibel Mornin' to you!!! 
      • 40 minutes ago
    • Yuki Nekomura
      Ashe Nakamura good morning :)
      • 36 minutes ago
  • Yuki Nekomura
    Yuki Nekomura
    So... I never pay attention in Bio, and am always on my Vita. These others at my table always pay attention and study.
    I got a 16/20 on a quiz, they got 6/20... Well then.
    • 49 minutes ago
    • · via mobile
    • Yuki Nekomura
      Lustedinor Fontriedon got perfect score on quiz, twice in a row. I rarely payed attention. 
      • 43 minutes ago