• My Ramblings

    Posted Wed at 7:31 PM by Lyrika

    Hello everyone, This blog entry is just for my own personal rambling, feel free to comment if you see something you'd like to talk about, I'll be sure to check out your responses and answer. First, does anyone watch the Walking Dead? I feel like I'm always the odd one out because I just got into i...

  • Both stars and dust

    Posted December 1 by Vexis Fokz

    Those who know me well know I usually don't weigh in on so called "Current affairs" let alone pay that much attention to such things, I keep myself rather worry and stress free, and, admittedly, in the dark a little more than I probably should be. But... on rare occasions, I find myself thinking on ...

  • Void Walkers Part III: Going by the Book

    Posted November 24 by Maxwell SP

        Void Walkers Part III:                   Going by the Book                         &n...

  • The Hurt Inside

    Posted November 17 by Murphy Slaugh

    The Hurt Insideby Murphy SlaughI might make some jokes and kid around. But thinking hard about myself I've found, All I'm really doing is just trying to hide All the pain and sorrow...and all the hurt inside. The loss of my dad is coming back to the fore No matter how I deny it, it's making my ...

  • dear dementia //

    Posted November 13 by Vinyl ビニール

    first chapterd  Today, it’s been absolutely all over the news. A woman named Lisa Welkner has spoken about a horrific experiment done to her husband.  Johnny’s always had dementia. A pretty bad case of it as well. One morning, he was reading the newspaper, and he saw an ad fo...

  • dear island.

    Posted November 12 by Vinyl ビニール

       introduction // dear island.    Stranger than stranded. It’s not right. Something is wrong with this, and I can’t put my goddamn finger on it. I don’t know if it’s dehydration, insanity, paranoia -- but something isn’t right.    I&r...

  • Election Thoughts

    Posted November 9 by Aleu De La Fourrure

    I recently read Alice Walker's "Everyday Use." That story draws a sharp contrast between kin that have taken different paths in life. In it, you saw the homely and poor daughter and grandaughter of a group of sharecroppers. These two live in moral modesty, clinging close to family traditions embodie...

  • Ch. 1 - Here to Where

    Posted November 7 by Lustedinor Fontriedon I am trying to do something different and wrote this. It is kind of short. if anyone want another chapter. Feel free to tell me. I'll be happy to give more of this. For the meantime enjoy ^.^

  • Fursona form

    Posted November 4 by Mango Weasel

    Name: Gender:SO: Species:Base color: Secondary color and location (repeat if nesacary):  Special markings color and location (ex: black heart on cheek) :  Mouth color:  Teeth color: pawpad color: Claw color: nose color:Inner ear color:Eye color:...

  • Kallibar the dream

    Posted November 4 by Mango Weasel

    I'm just writing this down really quick because I just woke up- and this is the dream I had last night. I figured it would be a good start to a comic in the future when I have time.There was a quaint little town out on the country side- passed a forest in a far away land. Through out this land were ...

  • Free Art on SoFurry

    Posted November 1 by Raven Foxx Free art here.

  • My story

    Posted October 28 by Alex Wilson

    The world of Onyxstar Looking for some advice and polite criticism in another dimension from our own we visit the milky way and zoom in on where our 10 major planets lay but in this demention there are 11 major planets The sun: same as ours the name of the gassy star the size of a planet is the ...

  • Catharsis

    Posted October 28 by KayBee Otter

    I tried to hold in everything but it all comes pouring out.  I struggled to find my place in the world.  I asked to be left alone but I didn't want to be lonely.  Sometimes life is like a dream, or a nightmare, and it never ends.  

  • You can regain yourself

    Posted October 23 by Stockholm

    See your life on reverse mode. Close your eyes and see a coffin in the middle of a chapel. People with heavy faces and chatting on a very low voice, most likely discussing how a good/bad fellow he was. Family, friends, acquaintances, old colleagues from school, anonymous peers. Seems they can't see...

  • Memento Mori - Chapter 1: Breithe

    Posted October 11 by Asthenia

    (I'm just going to paste a link to it because formatting isn't working for me here for whatever reason. There's also a prologue written for this if you're interested, located earlier on my profile here, my FA, and my Inkbunny but it's not as good quality as the first chapter.)

  • Minirant!

    Posted October 9 by Vexis Fokz

    It's difficult being Transgendered where I live, not saying it's easy anywhere, goddess (Or whatever you believe in) knows it's not, yet here I am with all these feelings, trapped, unable to break free out of fear of what would happen. This is a small town in the south, people here are very religi...

  • ramblings

    Posted October 8 by Flurry

    Hello furs! Ama newbie to this site but a long time fur sorta. I will use this space to express myself and practice my writing ha ha. Well I have been feeling up and down lately so I thought it be good to write stuff out just to get stuff off my mind. So yea I guess i'm just feeling isolated as i...

  • Kumi's Backstory

    Posted October 8 by Kumi

    I made a back story for my character Kumi awhile ago, so I going to post it here.   The Main Protagonist of my comic “The World's Rays” is named Kumi. Kumi is a hybrid of the Wolf and Human. The world is where Animal and Human Hybrids and the Humans of Trafira try to live in har...

  • Why?

    Posted October 5 by Kikku

    Why did dad have to love mom so much? Why did she say yes when he proposed? Why did they have to start loving each other and living together? Why did they lay with each other in bed, not to make 1 but 4? Why was I born into this universe. Why do I hate everyone and myself? Why do I keep deterioratin...

  • Me

    Posted October 2 by Simbacat birdmuncher

    Its time.simba looks at the wall clock sighs and gets up. i Am not looking forward to this he mumbles.he has a coffe date with somefur he met on the fansite i bet she doesnt show up like the last one..or its a guy or some shit.pulls out his wallet looks at her picture a handsome red haired female ...