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  • Thu at 3:15 PM - posted by Simbacat birdmuncher
    • Price $80.00
    For sale x box360 one controller cabled one remote nine games hard drive is two fifty i think pmfor details askng eighty bucks cdn.
  • October 22 - posted by Simbacat birdmuncher
    Over one hundred vintage magazines good cond from early eighties up great for gift boy friend ect get him her the one for birth month! Ie born in october? Get october issue!
  • October 21 - posted by Astral Blitzen
    • Location 9th dimension idk [map]
      I do a lot with corruptions and image recognition stuff, so yeah, if you want something glitched or like processed with image recognition (it's more like facial recognition since the net is trained on 177,000 images of faces), then just drop a gif or a video here; try to keep the length of t...
  • October 17 - posted by Drake
    I'm currently taking commissions for the following. Bust/Headshot: $10.00 USDFullbody Flatcolor: $15.00 USDFullbody Shaded: $20.00 USDBase price is single character only. Additional characters in same image are +$5.00 each.  I can do any species and they may be anthro or feral. You can con...
  • October 16 - posted by Allana De-Luca
    My sale may be over but  I am still open for commissions.  headshot/icon/bust: $5 flat color, full shading $10 Full body, w/o background single character: flat color $10, full shading $15 full body, w/o background 2+ characters: flat color $15, full shading $20 Computer background: $15...
  • August 5 - posted by Juno Faux
    • Price $10.00
    Ever want an artist to draw your sona but dont quite have a paypal or more than the usual 20 dollars for something of least quality. Well look no further than I! For the month of august I'll be taking commisions through gift cards! Gift cards must be US currency, so im deeply sorry if you live o...
  • July 28 - posted by Wolf Immortel
    • Location Longwood, Florida [map]
    Looking for some new friends around the Orlando, Longwood, Altamonte Springs (all of which are in Florida), or surrounding areas to hang out with! If you want to know anything about me then please feel free to ask!   
  • July 4 - posted by Mack Ivan
    • Price $100.00
    • Location Xenia, Oh [map]
    Used Bath towels for sale
  • June 26 - posted by Elmo
    • Price $7.00
    I am selling the design of my angel dragon. I will be keeping the name, but you will rename him. I am wanting to sell him for $7. If you are interested, please let me know. You will get a ref and three pieces of art made on bases.
  • June 17 - posted by Beowulf Arctodus
    I am currently living in Florida with my mom and taking my college course online at Full Sail University and i want to move to Canada after i graduate to start a new life for my self but i know it wont be easy however if there are any furries out there in the Metro Vancouver area looking for a rooma...