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    Interested in science? Want to teach someone or learn something new? JOIN THIS GROUP!
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    this is a group for those furries who have the body inflation fetish
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    If you have Kik Messenger, and would like to connect with other furs that also have the mobile app. Join the group.
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    For those of us born as witches, following the Wiccan faith, or others like it. Welcome and blessed be.
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    Poems the writting of and discusion of the creative process.
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    Blink-182, Yellowcard, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, Sum 41, etc. You name it.
  • This group was created for Ori and the Blind Forest (OATBF) Video Game fans and players to chat or discuss about OATBF.

    Anything whether is Art, Literature, Role Plays or works that is based on OATBF is welcomed here.

    Creation of the group is inspired ...  more
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    sharing information
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    we work at walmart, or wally world as some call it, share your horror stories
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    The furry World of Tanks clan. (A remake of Markos' furry clan after he left) For all lovers of World of Tanks and war gaming in general. Come and have fun, no game system required. Talk about anything tank warfare related.