"_CORE_PRIVACY_STATEMENT";"Introduction ¦ This is's privacy policy.

¦ If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact an administrator through our contact page (make “contact” link to the contact page, offline when writing this, can't get URL).

Minors and parental participation:

¦ Here at FurNation, we highly recommend that minors ask their parents for permission before sending any information about themselves to anyone over the internet. We also recommend that parents educate their children about safe internet usage before using

¦ We reserve the right to restrict minors from some features of FurNation for their own protection, recognizing that this may lead to a more limited FurNation experience.

¦ We are not liable if a minor falsifies their age if such a circumstance would arise where this is legally relevent. For legal purposes, we suggest that you register your real age.

Information Collected

¦ When you sign up for FurNation you provide us with your email address, your age, your gender, a username, a password, and your time zone. During the registration, you may be asked for additional information, which is not required (but it is recommended). You will also be given the option to upload a profile picture. In some cases we may ask for additional information for security purposes, or to provide specific services to you. Once registered, you may also add information about yourslf as you see fit depending on your usage of FurNation. Some applications and services require certain additional information.

¦ One of the main reasons people use FurNation is to share content with other people around the world. Examples of content include but are not limited to your status, uploaded photos, videos, and music, links, events, groups, comments, and messages.

¦ Note that if you are uploading content with metadata, such as a photo, which you do not wish FurNation to collect, please remove the metadata before uploading.

¦ We keep track and log some of your activity on FurNation for technical purposes.

¦ When you access FurNation from a computer, mobile phone, or other device, we may collect technical information from that device including but not limited to your browser type and IP address.

¦ FurNation uses “cookies” (small pieces of data we store on your device) both to make using FurNation easier, and to protect both you and FurNation. An example of a process where a cookie is used in the login process. Most browsers allow you to disable cookies, but be aware that this will likely impace your ability to use FurNation.

¦ We may collect information about you from other FurNation users, such as when a friend indicates a relationship with you.

Networks and third-party applications

¦ When you join a network, they may have their own policies concerning privacy in addition to this formal privacy policy. When yu join a network, be sure to read over their rules and regulations as well.

¦ FurNation is not legally responsible for information collected from you by a network on FurNation, nor by third-party applications on FurNation, nor by third parties linked on FurNation. It is your reponsibility to make sure you are safe in these areas.

¦ FurNation is not responsible for information collected from you by our advertisers.

¦ FurNation provides integration with the popular social networking service Facebook. If you choose to login using your Facebook account, please consult their privacy policy for further information.

How we use information

¦ We use the information we collect to provide a safe, customizable, and above all efficient experience.

¦ We may use information collected from you to provide you with services, measure and improve our services, and provide you with customer support.

¦ We may contact you with service-related communications from time to time.

How we share information

¦ We share your information with third parties when we believe the sharing is permitted by you, is reasonably necessary to provide our services, or when we are legally required to do so.

Is my information secure?

¦ All account information is stored on a highly secure server, running some of the latest in software technology. When you enter sensitive information, that information is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL encryption). We will also analyze and monitor user behavior for fradulent or otherwise anomalous behavior, limit the use of certain site features in response to signs of abuse, remove illegal content, or suspend or ban accounts for violations of our terms of service.

¦ Despite our expansive security measures, nothing on the internet is perfectly secure. Be aware of this when using FurNation.

¦ We cannot control the actions of other people with whom you may share your information.

¦ We cannot guarantee that only authorized persons will view your information.

¦ We cannot ensure that information you post on FurNation will not become publicly available.

¦ We are not legally responsible for any third-party circumvention of privacy or security features.

¦ You can reduce all these risks and more through common sense. Use strong passwords, change your passwords, use only secure wireless networks, make sure your operating system is sufficiently up-to-date, and make sure you have up-to-date antivirus software.

Other terms

¦ We may change this privacy policy at any time.

¦ Unless stated otherwise, our current privacy policy applies to all information we have about you and your account.

¦ You will be notified if significant changes are made to this privacy policy.

¦ By using FurNation, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States of America.

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