• Alex Softsnow

    Help me decide.

    Posted by Alex Softsnow 9 minutes ago - 2 votes - 0 views
    I am creating a guild on a MMORPG game known as ESOTU (aka. TESOnline) and the purpose if this guild is to 1v1. All members will be fire based and there will be 5 level of people you must beat. The name is going to be a joke name to make people laugh. The land in ESO is known as Tamriel (Like America, or Russia) so i ask people pick which is more amusing.
  • Kira Tellgraven

    Do you think i'm a boy or a girl?

    Posted by Kira Tellgraven Thu at 1:48 PM - 16 votes - 4 views
    It's a super important experiment. I just want to see how I come off as.
  • Akisu Jane

    Thanksgiving or Halloween

    Posted by Akisu Jane Mon at 12:04 PM - 15 votes - 5 views
    Are you more excited for Thanksgiving or Halloween? I'm probobly more for thanksigiving... but i love candy ;u;
  • Sid Glitchen

    Do you fit the general furry stereotype?

    Posted by Sid Glitchen October 10 - 21 votes - 20 views
    • Aged 16 to 21 • Is bisexual • Has either a fox or a wolf fursona • Going to college, or already in college for computer technology • Is a huge gamer • Goes to raves • Drinks heavily • Ultra liberal • Is most likely into furry porn • Misanthropic • Autistic • Overweight
  • Anya Alstreim

    Favorite Anime

    Posted by Anya Alstreim October 10 - 14 votes - 18 views
    What is your favorite anime out these?
  • Night Swifty


    Posted by Night Swifty October 8 - 11 votes - 7 views
    whos good at blowing bubblegum bubbles? the biggest one ive ever blown was as big as my face. Any one done bigger im curious?
  • Espie the Golden Spirit of Nibel

    What happens if life gives you lemons? (Literally)

    Posted by Espie the Golden Spirit of Nibel October 3 - 10 votes - 12 views
    Based on the proverbial phrase, what would be the most likely thing you will do with the lemons? (Just got bored...)
  • Blaze Heart

    D & D Furmeet

    Posted by Blaze Heart October 3 - 16 votes - 10 views
    Me and my mate were watching an MLP episode and thought of the idea of having a furmeet that was Dungeon and Dragons.
  • elfwulf sigeward

    I learned how to make some cool stuff!

    Posted by elfwulf sigeward September 29 - 8 votes - 20 views
    So a couple days ago I learned how to make a Pinapple Twist, and a Block twist. I want your polled ideas on which one i should do first so i can prep my forge to make it! Pinapple twist: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/b2/d7/91/b2d791e151a0078d6c857afab55b8e3d.jpg Box twist: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/85/a5/2c/85a52c7a51b9069ccf263601dffc46b4.jpg
  • Espie the Golden Spirit of Nibel

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    Posted by Espie the Golden Spirit of Nibel September 26 - 22 votes - 27 views
    It's about what you like to do in your free time, what you always or mostly do in your spare time.