• eagle the tiger

    Very important question!

    Posted by eagle the tiger August 28 - 19 votes - 8 views
    Just answer it! plz.
  • Alejandro Whitefox

    I'm bored. Ya like me?

    Posted by Alejandro Whitefox August 28 - 15 votes - 3 views
    Idek why I made this just didn't have anything to do. Basically you hate me, think I'm alright idk
  • Beta Spirit

    would anyone buy a sona

    Posted by Beta Spirit August 27 - 5 votes - 5 views
    I am in need of money bady and I have a sona that i dont need or use anymore.. You will get the 2 art pieces I have for him, The name and the freedom to change him in little ways but can't change the fact that his age is 2
  • eagle the tiger

    Whats your opinion of facial hair?

    Posted by eagle the tiger August 26 - 19 votes - 5 views
    Im just curious and bored add a comment if you want.
  • Rainon

    Do you play Guns of Icarus?

    Posted by Rainon August 26 - 9 votes - 6 views
    Do you or have you ever played Guns of Icarus online?
  • Mack Ivan

    UAC vs Umbrella

    Posted by Mack Ivan August 25 - 12 votes - 3 views
    Battle of the evil Corporations. Doom's Union Aerospace Corporation or Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation. Umbrella undoubtedly has the upper hand when it comes to viral warfare. However UAC supposedly has superior firepower.
  • Rufus Ferret

    Streaming Decision.

    Posted by Rufus Ferret August 21 - 8 votes - 15 views
    I'm supposed to be getting a brand new gaming desktop sometime soon, so I wanted to do this early. If I were to do livestreams (via youtube), would anyone attend? They would feature me doing anything from playing games, to working on 3D stuff. To making animation videos w/3D models. Or just a sit-down-and-chat type thing. I just want to be sure if anyone would like to attend said events.
  • Bubble PoP

    Fursona poll 2

    Posted by Bubble PoP August 18 - 10 votes - 15 views
    last one I'll do I swear
  • Bellum Draconicus

    Am i sexy?

    Posted by Bellum Draconicus August 17 - 9 votes - 10 views
    Im not to sexy am i?
  • Bubble PoP

    fursona poll

    Posted by Bubble PoP August 17 - 8 votes - 14 views
    I'd like to get some personal opinions and I hope to make this my last