• Holan Lightningfoot

    DC The Flash Vs. Marvel Quicksilver

    Posted by Holan Lightningfoot July 16 - 8 votes - 20 views
  • Beowulf Arctodus

    Digimon GO?

    Posted by Beowulf Arctodus July 16 - 14 votes - 25 views
    Simple question of weather or not it would make more sense to have an augmented reality game of digimon.
  • Sh4dow96 Shadow'96

    Avenged Sevenfold lovers

    Posted by Sh4dow96 Shadow'96 July 15 - 6 votes - 17 views
    Anyone who knows avenged sevenfold is pawsome and if you dont well listen to them if you love rock and roll or metal i love them!
  • panda


    Posted by panda July 15 - 11 votes - 33 views
    POKEMON GO!!...ok now that I have your attention who would give this big panda bear snuggles? :3
  • Daniel Meme

    What do you think of mouse users?

    Posted by Daniel Meme July 13 - 10 votes - 33 views
    I wanted to know what you think of them.
  • Kiki Rhian


    Posted by Kiki Rhian July 11 - 11 votes - 25 views
    Sorry.. Had To One Up Bellum~ *Lays back and waits for headsplosions*
  • Q

    Who is Edgier?

    Posted by Q July 11 - 14 votes - 20 views
  • Beowulf Arctodus

    Third Party Choices

    Posted by Beowulf Arctodus July 10 - 8 votes - 28 views
    Lets be honest both Trump and Hillary are both terrible people one is a facist the other is a corperatist and the establishment telling us to vote for hillary out of fear for trump that is not how democracy works we all deserve 3rd option as such which canidate you honestly believe and have faith for in the 3rd party
  • Cain Reitveld

    Next Picture

    Posted by Cain Reitveld July 10 - 5 votes - 37 views
    I've got way too many forms that need pictures and other kinds of pictures I want to decide, help me at least pick between whether to get a straight up single shot single pose picture or actually go for a new form's picture just to get that out of the way, using pretty much the same idea as what I just mentioned, which I use for the forms I already got pictures posted of.
  • Liberty

    Who Would You Like to be President?

    Posted by Liberty July 9 - 16 votes - 93 views