• Tricky PoP

    Band Names

    Posted by Tricky PoP August 12 - 12 votes - 36 views
    made a list of band names and i'd like to get second opinions
  • Htedomsa

    Will you do your civic duty?

    Posted by Htedomsa August 8 - 22 votes - 43 views
    FurNation. 2016. Drama is below 5%. Trolls are virtually non-existent while every year fewer and fewer furs live below the poverty line. All thanks to...The Purge. Will you participate in the upcoming FurNation Purge?
  • vore bunny

    anthropomorphic dating

    Posted by vore bunny August 3 - 46 votes - 71 views
    If anthropomorphic animals existed. And you were still stuck being human. And it was still taboo among humans to date outside their species. Would you go out with one?
  • Maxwell SP

    Would you elect me president?

    Posted by Maxwell SP July 30 - 11 votes - 62 views
    I swear I'd be good at it
  • foxglove01

    Q and A

    Posted by foxglove01 July 29 - 4 votes - 52 views
    I was thinking about letting people ask me questions on Google+. A "Q and A" kinda thing so that people can get to know me. Should I do it?
  • Tricky PoP

    Oc's to Fursona

    Posted by Tricky PoP July 29 - 11 votes - 40 views
    I'm looking over my characters and looking over which one should be my fursona so could I please get some suggestions ^^
  • Maxwell SP

    follow up to my last poll

    Posted by Maxwell SP July 28 - 6 votes - 52 views
    Okay so, I've been working on my short story; and I'm thinking that the first part, is going to be a bit longer than I had originally planned. So I'd like some other people's opinions on what I should do. Should I make part one shorter, (and have it be a little less climactic, and have it come out sooner.) or have it be like, 7-8 pages long.
  • Septic David

    Age groups

    Posted by Septic David July 28 - 33 votes - 58 views
    I feel so young to be in this fandom! I'm 14 but most furries I see are over 20! So I'd like to see how many people are in each age group!
  • vore bunny

    would you do it?

    Posted by vore bunny July 28 - 32 votes - 56 views
    If you could in RL be genetically transformed into your fursona. Would you do it?
  • Maxwell SP

    New story

    Posted by Maxwell SP July 27 - 12 votes - 56 views
    I was just thinking about writing a new furry themed short story about a species going to space for the first time. Also, I'd be posting it on here as a blog. And I wanted to know if it was worth the time. :3